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SEO tools 101: What is the best SEO tool for ecommerce?


This guide outlines how to choose the best SEO tool for your eCommerce operations, and what you should look for.

If you want to use an SEO tool to boost your eCommerce sales, you must keep in mind the factors that search engines consider on every page of your website. These factors include website structure, keywords, website url, plus alternative text in images, titles, meta descriptions, internal links and content.

Understanding SEO in ecommerce

It’s essential to understand that content you post on your ecommerce page tells the search algorithm the relevance of your site to a user looking for a particular keyword. Search engines scan the site for signs of quality or even attempts to manipulate the search algorithm. Therefore, it is better to always use permitted ecommerce SEO techniques.

Site structure

Structural elements of your ecommerce site. As well as pages that are linked together, they also affect SEO. Search engines go through a link structure to find and index a website. Therefore, if you want to boost your online store sales, your ecommerce site should be structured in a way that it is easy for search engines to find you. The goal is to have an online store where customers can easily find products and the information they are looking for.


The key here is to find out what keywords users are using to find online stores similar to yours. Once you get these keywords, you should optimize them to place them throughout your site. You have to use the main keywords in the titles and naturally repeat them in the content. You must also place them in image tags and meta descriptions.

eCommerc industry overview

The eCommerce industry has high competition and demand, which you should not procrastinate when it comes to placing your products into the market. Amazon, the world’s massive online selling platform, offers tons of opportunities both for startup digital entrepreneurs to established ones. The trick is not just about searching the right products to sell but investing with the perfect SEO tool to optimize your business. 

With a massive array of SEO tool choices in the market that all promise to help increase sales, there are only a few who are trusted and proven to provide success. Ensuring that everything is done to reach your prospective customers is essential. Understanding how to deliver the needs and demands of every customer is vital. 

Amazon keyword tools provide the best assistance to help every eCommerce marketer give the demand and be on top of the competition. With the use of a keyword tool, you can generate the most excellent marketing strategy focusing on real demographic details that attracts a large volume of customers to your product listings. 

While it can take weeks to months doing research and optimizing Amazon entries, these tools can improve product visibility, increase sales, and upscale your business. Software like Helium 10 is a top-rated Amazon SEO tool. You can check the Helium 10 review here and unlock the massive opportunity for your eCommerce business which helps instantly understand how to be on top of the competition and increase your sales, establish your business, and generate more revenue.

Choosing an SEO tool kit for eCommerce

The right eCommerce tool will help you gather insights about the most popular trends. While every device promises success by increasing sales and upscaling your business instantly, it’s essential to find a reliable and credible software that provides long-time success. It can take a few weeks to a month to be an established seller and be part of the competition. 

Before any product launch, comprehensive research and the right keywords are the primary factors you need to consider to efficiently place your products in the market and be on top of the massive competition. Placing irrelevant keywords to your work won’t reach your target audience. It will also affect your customer experience, proper pricing, and more. 

Helium 10

Helium 10 stands out among the rest of the SEO tool options offering success at Amazon and on other eCommerce platforms. Helium 10 is vast and offers a broader range of data and tools to utilize to help you upscale your eCommerce biz like a pro. It provides the most effective programme to help upscale your business, generate more sales, and use the right keyword to keep your products always on top. It’s the most comprehensive software which understands what needs to be done, focusing on it, and doing it correctly. 

Viral Launch

Viral launch is an all-in-one management tool that also offers useful keyword research tools. It includes Listing and Analyzer Builder that seamlessly provides recommendations to improve your product listings. 

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a quick and easy process for Amazon sellers to search for the best keywords to product listings. It comes with free SEO tool versions that you can upgrade to pro versions that provide advanced options to help increase your sales.


Sonar is a complimentary keyword research software from Sellics that is known to be conveniently easy to use suitable for all types of businesses—traders to corporations. It works as a database to over millions of keywords, data exploring, and provides estimated search volume. 

Use an SEO tool to optimize product listings 

Being on top of the competition for digital marketing means you need to optimize your SEO. While there are tools that help you increase potential sales and upscale business, you also need to do a bit of work and improve your product listings. 

Your product listings must be relevant and have potential profit so that you can be picked up and recommended to prospect customers. The critical secret to a higher ranking is to provide high-quality, optimized product listings. Amazon is a search engine, as are other eCommerce platforms, and each relies on keywords to determine which listing is relevant. 

Here are five highly practical tips to help you use an SEO tool to optimize your product listings and be on top of the competition.

  1. Optimize your keywords
  2. Mind the product name
  3. Leverage bullet points
  4. Use high-quality pictures
  5. Optimize product description


With the right SEO tool, optimizing your product listings and using the perfect keywords to be on top is more accessible, which then increases your sales and helps your business to be on top of the competition. Investing in the right SEO tool means you are also doing yourself a favor. The right software not just simplifies workloads. It helps you achieve your future goals and succeed.


Updated 5 December, 2021


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