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Mobile CRM: How to best utilize a mobile CRM system and its data


You should know that utilizing a mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution will only work if you and your team can truly rely on it. The key to a successful mobile CRM deployment is that everyone using the system knows the CRM is there to help people do their jobs better and faster.

Mobile CRM software: an overview of the advantages and disadvantages

The term mobile CRM means mobile customer relationship management. The area deals with developing a strategy with which companies consistently align themselves to the needs of their customers. Since digitization has been on the advance, there has been an ever larger range of software in this area. In the following we explain the advantages and disadvantages of CRM software.

Mobile CRM overview

Do not keep using your old address book app to manage contacts, and your notes app to write down what was said during a call. Once you have a mobile CRM, use it for that. If the CRM is the place you list everything about your customers, it’ll quickly become a core part of your work. If a CRM system is too much for what you need and you want something easier and more intuitive, opt for a contact management solution like Covve.

Companies need to ensure their employees are adequately trained on the mobile CRM solution. Some will just use mobile CRM solutions as a glorified notebook or address book. The IT team must ensure that the users in the field know how to utilize the product to its full capabilities.

Remote users should be able to do a complete range of required tasks for their organization with mobile CRM, such as providing pricing components in real-time to customers, order taking or service billing.

Then, you’ll want to integrate your mobile CRM with other tools like that can add new contacts to your CRM automatically, or log calls, meetings, and more to your contact profiles.  It’s automation like that, whether built-in or from another app, that lets you rely on the CRM to be the one place that has all your contact info.

Ok, so you have now successfully implemented a successful mobile CRM deployment. Now what? This is when data collection and CRM analysis start.  It is a continuing and iterative process that ideally over time business decisions are refined, based on feedback from earlier analysis, and consequent decisions.

The subject of CRM data analysis is far removed from the scope of this article, but there are many tools out there that offer fully packaged, out-of-the-box software tools that plug directly into your CRM system, and perform the analyses automatically.

A lot of these tools are easy to use and provide real-time insights. They constantly ingest data and update the analysis, allowing you to immediately see evolving trends and just in time updates. They are built on best practices, and are constantly evolving based on feedback from customers like you.

This is when the real work of making new leads and closing new deals begins. Mobile CRM apps like Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, and other address book apps like Covve assist you in making order out of the chaos of your interactions with your customers. You can now focus on your customers, closing new business, and moving forward!

How does CRM software support me?

In order to efficiently and profitably implement strategies in your own company, it can definitely pay off for companies to invest in special CRM software. This offers you support in the following areas:

Document customer information in detail
Personalize customer approach
Improve customer service
Intensify customer relationships in the medium to long term
Create better customer loyalty
Above all, the complete and continuous documentation of all relevant data is an essential part of customer relationship management. CRM software ensures that all important customer data can always be comprehensively maintained and kept up to date.

CRM systems create more transparency

In addition, companies can guarantee their customers better service and support with a suitable program. If the CRM software is used in a company, this offers the decisive advantage that no single customer advisor has to be deployed for each (existing) customer who may not be available around the clock for questions and concerns. Instead, the introduction of a CRM system ensures that every employee has access to the software and, in the event of queries or concerns from customers, always has a precise overview of what was previously discussed with other employees.

CRM software can be used wherever direct or indirect customer contact is required. Since a CRM program forms an important bridge to the business areas of marketing and sales and also plays a supporting role here, the employees from marketing and sales – even if they were not involved themselves – can better refer to previous visits or offers and easier to get in touch with customers.

Can the introduction of mobile CRM software also have disadvantages?

The advantages and benefits of a mobile CRM system for companies are obvious:

a) Not only relevant customer data can be assigned to a person, but also purchasing behavior, inquiries and interests.
b) In the same way, sales, service, management and marketing can align themselves more efficiently.

A mobile CRM system can only develop to the detriment of one’s own company if software has been selected that does not meet the needs of the company. This can be the case, for example, if the program is too complex for a small or medium-sized company and as a result, for example, requires too much administrative effort.


CRM software not only offers customers a certain added value, but companies can also use it to improve their sales processes in the long term. In order for the introduction of CRM software to go smoothly, everyone involved in the company – from sales to shipping to marketing – must be integrated into the system’s processes to ensure that everyone can work efficiently and hand in hand.


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