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Business website design: best features your site should include


A website is the ‘shop window’ to your business, and can either attract — or repel — clients. So your site needs to be the best it possibly can be. This guide outlines the crucial features that should be included in a business website design.

Important business website design features

Have you ever wondered if you are losing clients because something is wrong with your business website design? There is a good chance it may be the issue,  and you should look for solutions that can solve this problem. With simple steps to address, including the best business website design features, your site can go to a much higher level of professionalism.  

Style guide

This is your guide that shows your business personality. If you have several sites, the style guide will help to summarize everything, highlighting the most important features to maintain uniformity across your sites. Moreover, users will recognize your sites with a similar design personality.

The style guide for business website design should include basic color schemes, basic fonts, company logo, and all uses, image requirements, image usage rules, page layouts, design templates. As you work, you may see that you are using colors that do not match the theme of the site. Make sure the resourcefully complies with your unique rules. Congratulations, you have taken a successful first step.

Perfect functionality 

Check the business website design from a technical point of view: whether everything loads quickly, whether there are possible delays. It is possible to test the resource through programs that remove broken links. If necessary, simplify the work panel. The user should be able to easily access the site. Highlight only the most important message. Too complex functionality repels the user.

Other rules:

  • do not use more than 7 pieces in the main panel;
  • the user must have access to any part of the site in no more than 3 clicks. It’s best to do it in 2 clicks;
  • labels should be informative and show what the site is about.

The speed of the site is crucial. It should be optimized. 53% will refuse the site if it loads longer than 3 seconds. To quickly fix this problem, we recommend: collapse gif files, compress images, clean the site code, do not use heavy animations.

Space matters

Professionals often underestimate the white space in business website design. Clean the layout of your site, do not allow any part of the site to be cluttered. 

On many sites, it is noticeable that a lot of information is squeezed into one part of the page. This also repels the client. Instead, use the space on your website, it will greatly simplify the design and attract the eye of the user. This is called “negative space”, but it plays an extremely crucial role in the design, and the readability of the content.

Mobile use 

Make sure that your business website design automatically adapts to mobile use. If the user enters the resource from his phone, they will immediately appreciate its convenience. As the world is increasingly moving to more mobile access of the internet, you do not want a site that doesn’t work on smartphones and tablets.

Content flow

Apt headlines and subheadings should encourage people to follow the link. Of course, you will need to live up to expectations and provide the right information. Spend time on good text formatting, because it is also an important component of web design.

Use landing page power: the selling texts, search engine optimization tips, and call-to-actions. It should attract the most attention of the user. The landing page should be dedicated to one product or one service. Show how important it is. When people search for it on the Internet, they are immediately redirected to your site. When you interview customers, you will be able to find out how well it works.


The graphic aspect is an important element of business website design, but it is important not to exaggerate. So you just lose the user’s attention. Introduce different types of multimedia to dilute the content of the site. For example, images, videos, graphics. On a 500-word page, you must add at least one type of graphic. For the material of 2500 characters, up to 5 images should be placed.


Involve your users in your business website design project, communicate with them, connect feedback and feedback on cooperation. Put yourself on the side of the user. This means looking at UX and UI factors. You probably want to understand the characteristics of the product in reality and read about the experiences of other people on the same site. This includes both positive and negative. Set up a separate position for communication with users on your site, highlight and show that you are set up to communicate.

Video recommendations work best. Because people see a living image, the same person with similar needs, hear a voice and see movements. It is a good idea to involve an influencer from Instagram, who will use his example to explain the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

One effective way to get feedback on your business website design is to ask your audience through surveys. This is one of the main methods of measuring consumer satisfaction. You can send surveys to email, make inquiries during phone calls, conduct surveys in applications or immediately after using the site’s services. However, surveys should be a harmonious part of the web resource, not intrusive to the user.


You should not neglect seemingly simple things in business website design. Your website can become a leader among the like only through design. After all, a person will first evaluate the picture, and then the services offered. We are sure that you will improve and not stop there.

You will first need to take some time to implement all of our tips. However, all the work is worth the effort. Don’t forget about the values you invest in your site. Remember that business website design will not matter if it does not have a purpose or a specific message.

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