Bethenny a case of the businesswoman’s money curse


Bethenny Frankel has vowed to never marry again. The reality TV star turned businesswoman is currently experiencing a nasty divorce with her husband of three years Jason Hoppy — not that I have ever heard of a good divorce. And in an interview this week, Bethenny said that money (and fame) was the cause of the split.

“I think that fame and attention and money does not bring out the best in everybody,” Bethenny told interviewer Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

“Money in many ways is the root of all evil.”

Like her or loathe her, Bethenny is a self-made woman who has been smart enough to capitalize on her opportunities. First hitting the spotlight in the series The Real Housewives of New York, this savvy businesswoman leveraged her fame to become an author, launch her own line of beverages (Skinnygirl Cocktails) and eventually a talk show — which was cancelled, some say, as a result of her tumultuous personal life.

Is this a pattern we will see more of over the next decade? With more women smashing the glass ceiling and becoming financially independent, does this mean they will now become the targets of gold digging men. Or worse still, be so powerful that men will avoid dating them?

With lines such as “You’re already losing fans. I’m going to ruin you,” it is obvious her pharmaceutical salesman husband was threatened by her success.  Businesswomen really have two options when faced by this situation.

Option One: They (women) can play down their success, power and independence to make sure every man she meets feels secure in himself (which isn’t the end of the world if that is what is needed to be done)


Option Two: They (women) can maintain their independence as a single business woman, and keep a check on their desire to marry and have children until a ‘real’ man comes along – after which together they can continue to take over the world.

I know which option I will be choosing.


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  1. Melanie.hood@erichood.com.au'


    March 25, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Hmm. Seems some very long arrows drawn here as well as cherry picking of quotes. Whilst I don’t doubt that money may have been an issue for this couple – I’d need a lot more evidence before agreeing – “Bethenny a case of the businesswoman’s money curse.”
    Some women have been financially independent for a number of years without falling victims to this “curse”. Guess it also has to do with your ability to select the right partner. Not all men are threatened by a woman’s success. Better luck next time Bethenny.

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