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Beware the connection between work stress and depression


Just living in the 21st century puts one under a lot of stress. Every day we read about imminent environmental collapse, terrorism or the threat of another cold war. And every season a deadly disease epidemic seemingly threatens to wipe the whole of mankind off the face of the Earth. Sure, these things never have as catastrophic an outcome as people fear, but it is more than enough to keep one at the edge 24/7.

Even without this, the stress in our private lives is sometimes enough to cause a depression. Most prominently, there are troubles in the workplace we meet day in and day out. For those who still have their doubt about this, here are few thoughts about connection between job related stress and depression that may change your mind.

Getting overworked

There’s a popular saying that if you work hard enough, you can replace your depression with exhaustion. No matter how witty this may sound, it’s not entirely true. Of course, in a situation where you are working too much, your depression symptoms may be camouflaged with those of exhaustion, but all the symptoms are still there. Eventually, you will catch a break and in this particular moment, everything you’ve been repressing for so long will come out in the open. That’s why, it might be for the best to look for a reputable psychologist and talk through your problems.

Being underestimated

In some companies, you will have to deal with overbearing bosses who want to micromanage every single aspect of your job. Here again you will constantly be overwhelmed with work, but as it happens, you won’t get any credit for a job well done. Like in any authoritarian institution, the orders come from the top and all that you are supposed to do is obey. Needless to say, this can make you feel underappreciated and under so much pressure that even you think less of yourself.

Office isolationism

Another phenomenon that can contribute to job related stress is the feeling of being an office castaway. Being a new person at the office is one of the most commons causes of this, but is not the only one. If you overachieve, some people may become envious and start avoiding you, if you underachieve, there are those who will avoid you in order not to be associated with you. The only way to fight this is to build relationship with colleagues on a personal and not professional level, but then again, this can be more difficult than it initially appears.

Job in retail

People in retail are almost exclusively on the receiving end when it comes to company’s relationship with customers. Whenever an item purchased at that particular vendor is not working, dissatisfied customer tends to behave like a person behind a counter had personally broke or sold them that broken item. Now, seeing how most businesses in retail have the ‘customer is always right’ policy, it’s highly unlikely that you will find any support from the management. Because of this, people who can’t handle being yelled at for no reason should most probably avoid retail like the plague. On the plus side, work in retail can teach you a lot about human behavior.

Too much pressure

As we already mentioned, feeling unappreciated can be extremely painful, but this doesn’t mean that it is easy when a lot of people look up to you. In other words, yes, even the super-successful people get depressed because of their work. There are many reports of people on the highest instances of business resorting to various stress medication or even turning to illegal substances for help. Just knowing that so many lives depend on you can be too much pressure to some people and there are countless situations in which this caused a severe mental breakdown.


As you can see, there’s no position that is so hierarchically high or low that it is completely stress free. It all depends on your own personality and the way in which you work under pressure. Needless to say, once it takes swing, depression has a chance to seriously endanger both your physical and mental health, which is why it must be stopped in its root. Your best solutions are to find an exhaust valve outside of work, talk to the professional and of course, avoid working in positions you know you won’t be comfortable in.

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