Beware the Dark Side of business


Nobody pretends the business world is all blue skies and sunlight. But new starters are unprepared to find you have to beware the dark side of business.

I’ve developed strategies to protect myself and my work that have taken years to refine. I’ve had to develop those strategies because if you’ve got a good product and brand, at some stage you’ve got a target on your head.

There are many pitfalls to avoid and warnings you should remember. Following are the most common issues that I and my clients have encountered on the Dark Side of Business; our top ones to help you avoid getting burned.

Trust no one, and you’re off to a good start

Sounds dire, but it’s the only way you should approach the business world to avoid its ‘dark side’.  That side includes a multitude of business predators who feed off other people’s ideas and contacts.  They are dangerous and they come in all shapes and sizes.

It’s a tough world out there, and unfortunately, most people learn that the hard way and beware the dark side of business

I’ve told somebody my great idea, and now they’ve adopted it  

One of my mantras is: talk in context, not content.  You may be on the brink of an amazing business development and feel that you want to share it with the world.  Don’t.  Connect with key (and credible) people that may help you and speak on broad terms until you’re 100% sure they can be of assistance.

I’ve got a copy cat on my hands; how do I confront them? 

Be very careful on how to approach this — you don’t want to start torching bridges or incite backlash.  There is little to no chance a copy cat will admit they’re in the wrong, and a blow-up scenario could make you look unprofessional.  Put them on your Black List and move on.

Beware the dark side of business – why you are scared to share a business plan 

[tweet_quote]There’s a delicate balance between promoting your business and sharing all of your secrets[/tweet_quote].  Don’t be fooled – anyone with an internet connection can find you in thirty seconds!  It’s a good thing to be known for what you do, not how you do it. It’s about being selective about the information you do give out.

Remember, no one can do what you do  

Two people could have the same product, but the delivery would be very different.  Promote your offering and your unique selling point, and that will help you protect yourself from the Dark Side.

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