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Male flatterer – Don’t believe them


Male flatterer are common in the business world, Women will come across several different kinds of men: those who are straight to the point and want what’s best for everyone in business, and those who only want what is best for themselves and are easily threatened by successful women. They’ll often conceal their self-interest in a number of ways. Among these will be flattery.

One of the most common ways in which self-interested men reveal themselves is by constantly flattering women and being overly flirtatious. For this reason, [tweet_quote hashtags=”#businesswoman #businessofmen” ]we call these kinds of businessmen, ‘The Male Flatterer.’[/tweet_quote]

There are several characteristics attributed to the male flatterer, and for those who are fans of House of Cards, the main character Frank Underwood is a great example. The most obvious attribute is that they compliment women excessively. They’ll go beyond the standard greeting and instead will say things like ‘Hello beautiful’ or ‘Hello, you look ravishing today!’ Another key trait of the male flatterer is that once they start they cannot stop; you find them not only continuing to flatter you, but becoming more and more blatant as time goes on — sometimes being brazen enough to ask you out on a date.

Why are these men like this?

The answer is simple; they cannot handle your success (or potential success) and consider you to be a threat or even worse, they want something from you. They find that the way to catch you off guard and undermine you in business is to [tweet_quote hashtags=”#businessofmen #businesswoman” ]use your femininity and womanhood against you[/tweet_quote]. They assume that women love to be flattered and believe that turning on the charm will be enough to keep you corralled in a position of weakness.

If you find yourself having to do business with the male flatterer, the most effective way to deal with them is to simply ignore their blandishments. You need to remain guarded and always keep business as the focus of conversation; if the topic strays away from business, be sure to track back to it.

Furthermore, if you find yourself in a situation with a male flatterer but have no need to interact with him, simply avoid him. If there is no need for you to talk to him, then don’t, this way you will never have to worry about him trying to push you down or manipulating you.

Male flatterer can be anywhere

Flatterers are easier to identify among the more professional men at the top. This is due to the fact that you are entering territory where only the most competitive are able to survive and thrive. This does not mean that every man is the male flatterer, but simply means that the higher up you go in your field, the easier they are to identify within your circle of contacts and at events.

Clearly, the male flatterer is something to be wary of as a woman in business, however it is important to remember that as a strong business woman [tweet_quote hashtags=”#maleflattery #businesswoman” ]you control how much power they have over you[/tweet_quote].

As long as you remain aware and guarded, the male flatterer should present no problems for you in business.

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