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There are over 74 million blogs that use WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms. Think about that for a moment, over 74 million, and that’s not even taking into account other options like Blogger and Shopify. So, even if your blog has a niche angle, you’re still going to be facing a lot of competition online when you’re trying to get readers interested in your writing.

That’s why you need to look at ways to make your blog stand out more and ensure that it captivates your target audience. Otherwise, you could find that they are start looking elsewhere to find the information that you provide from another source.

So how can we make your blog more unique and give it a tad more oomph when you’re hammering away at the keyboard?

Guest posts are great

Guest posts are a fantastic option if you want to make your blog a more compelling read. By accepting guest posts, you can give your blog a new, exciting viewpoint that will give it more edge over other sites that only have one writer. You can bring guest posts to your blog to tackle unique subjects that you might not have experience in.

Or, you might want to use a guest writer if you think that their blog shares the same readership as you. This is a brilliant way to easily attract a larger target audience. They’ll start by reading the guest post, and then they might find that you are offering a lot more that they might be interested in.

Although, if you do this, you might have to return the favor at some point. But it’s always a good idea to build connections with other bloggers.

Room to improve

Perhaps the issue with your blog is the content. Maybe, your writing just doesn’t have enough flair to win readers over from other possibilities. Don’t forget, with this many websites online these days writers must have a pretty original voice or viewpoint of the world. If you’re worried about the quality of your content, you should try using editing software. Editing software for writers will help you ensure that anything you publish on your blog is up to the highest standards.

You’ll have no spelling mistakes, no grammar issues and no trouble with finding your voice if you use this type of software. It won’t write the articles for you, but it will provide you with the helping hand that will make sure your blog looks professional. It’s also great news for moms who might be too busy to spend more than an hour on one post.

Interactive and immersive

Perhaps it’s time to think about taking your blog to the next level. There’s no set law online that says a blog needs to be a constant stream of information. It can be more exciting than that. For instance, you can have something similar to a landing page on your blog. Add a video introducing you, who you are and what you’re interested in. Or pay a little more and get a cartoon animation on the homepage of your blog.

Anything like this is going to ensure that your site stands out from the rest online and more bloggers are doing it these days. At the very least, you might want to think about getting a new design for your blog. If you hire a pro designer, you can make sure that your blog doesn’t look like it’s come out of some sort of cookie cutter design software. Even just getting a pro designer to work on your site will give you the edge over some of the other bloggers operating today who spend very little time thinking about how their site looks.

Mix it up

Last but not least, you may want to mix up your content a little. Make sure you are using things like memes and gifs to give your articles a tad more punch and excitement behind them. Though, obviously only use content like this if it fits into the context. Adding them randomly will just make your blog look unprofessional and silly.

You can also give your readers a little more with content like infographics. If you don’t know how to build an infographic, you can get them designed professionally, and this gives you a truly unique piece of content for your blog. A lot of bloggers use infographics that have already been posted a hundred times elsewhere. But if you get them designed specifically for your site you can give them something different that will resonate with your readers.

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