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Boost your business by planning the full year ahead


Business owners can pat themselves on the back for getting through a tough year. It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of work on your hands in December — the Christmas season can be busy! But it’s worth taking a little time to start thinking about next year. Setting some goals in advance can help you continue to improve your business success.

An excellent approach for doing this is to start filling out a business calendar. Companies need to adapt throughout the year. Each month has different occasions, events, and implications. Think about how each season will affect your business and how you can capitalize on them.

Keeping your calendar filled in can keep your business running productively. You can achieve high targets and ensure that you handle overarching tasks on time. You might have some long-term goals, such as expanding to new locations or increasing your workforce. But here are some of the adjustments you can make for each season.

Holiday season

December often rushes businesses off their feet. Stores have a boatload of new customers rushing in and out. Delivery services have more orders to fulfill. B2B services have to help other businesses take advantage of the busy month. It’s important for companies to capitalize on the holidays — you can make more sales than any other month. You can also get into the seasonal spirit with parties and a more laid-back workplace!

Luckily, things slow down a little in January. You should still keep your marketing game strong– people love to spend their leftover Christmas money in January sales. It’s a perfect time for retail businesses to advertise sales promotions and get new customers. After that, January might be a relatively slow month for your business.

February can also be slow. This period makes for the perfect time to start knocking down tasks you couldn’t tackle when you were busy. For instance, maybe it’s time for a workplace redecoration. Perhaps you want to hire some new staff to set you up for expansion.

You should also work on setting your business up to be productive for the rest of the year. For instance, you could enlist the help of services like IT consulting and support companies for improved efficiency. Keeping technology running smoothly in your workplace has an enormous impact on productivity.

The weather will be cold and harsh, so watch out for winter business problems! Take care of your building, so it doesn’t suffer from weather damage. Make sure you look after your employees and try to prevent office sickness. Remember that Valentine’s Day is also an excellent time for marketing and sales. Other than that, these months can be easy!

First quarter

As the year starts, you can expect business to pick up a bit. Stores can expect increased sales and profits as more people are outside. It’s also prime time for outdoor companies. Theme parks can open up, and landscaping services will have plenty more people wanting gardening work done.

Hotels should do their best to attract more guests — you might even be able to ramp some prices up due to high demands. Clubs and bars can draw a lot of college students in with exciting events.

You and your colleagues might want to attend some business conferences. Many that run throughout March, April, and May you can already book now. They’re great opportunities for marketing your business and networking.

Of course, spring is also the best time to spring clean your business. That doesn’t just mean keeping work areas tidy. You should iron out any problems with productivity or efficiency. You’ll need to get prepared for the busier Summer season!


Mid-year sometimes comes with a surge in business for many companies. Retail sales typically rise in the mid-year for many reasons. Children from schools and colleges are home throughout these months, meaning more younger customers. It’s an ideal time for businesses to start marketing to younger audiences. A lot of employees also take time off in now, meaning more time for shopping.

Of course, travel and tourism related businesses will be particularly well-served. Most people take holidays during the mid-year. It’s the perfect time for restaurants, attractions, and transport services to get their name heard. The real estate and automotive industries also see a rise in sales- many people make these big purchases during the warmer months.

Mid-yearcan also be detrimental to businesses in some ways. Many employees will use vacation time to travel or spend time with their kids. On the bright side, you can find new temporary staff. A lot of students look for jobs during the mid-year. They can make for excellent fill-ins.


As the year heads towards another close, make sure you take stock and take any steps to protect your business property. It’s a good time to enlist the help of exterior maintenance services and ensure you have proper insurance coverage.

Businesses can take advantage of many events during these seasons. Halloween comes at the end of October. Of course, retail stores can host some themed sales promotions and add some scary props to their point-of-sale. People also host a lot of parties, and go out for food and drinks, so many companies can benefit from Halloween spending.

November is often the biggest time for businesses, so you may be able to host some interesting promotions.

Retail sales also stay strong throughout December. It isn’t just stores who benefit, though. Cleaning services can help more companies. Business lawyers often have more cases on their desk. Marketers will have their work cut out for them. Then, of course, the New Year comes around, and the cycle repeats. Have a successful New Year with your business!

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