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Why ‘boys clubs’ work but women shaft each other 


It’s a bitter fact of business and career life. Men help each other so much more than women will help each other.

The ‘boys club’ is a brilliant strategy for men, that has been successful for generations in the business world — and will continue to do so. And by default, it will block women from opportunities if we don’t snap out of this tendency to work against each other rather than with each other.

Men don’t like taking on a woman just because she’s a woman (tokenism). Nor does a man like being told what to do in the business world, especially by a woman (he gets enough of that from his mother by the time he’s an adult).

Men work with people they know will deliver a return, will give back to them, or who have something they want. That’s why many women are chased by men in business purely for sexual opportunities.

However, many MANY – too many — women don’t behave the way men do.

Women like supporting women who are beneath them in the hierarchy, but too often will block them the second they become a professional threat in terms of achieving the same level of success.

They’ll do the same if those formerly more junior women look like they’re becoming a likely candidate for opportunities.

Essentially, women who do this actually cut their nose off to spite their face. They can’t see that supporting a woman is an investment that will pay off multiple times in the future. This is the core principle of the boys club. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

This is why men choose other men for board positions. Men understand the code. You help me now and I’ll help you later.

Women, on the other hand, will block another woman from a board position. In fact sh’ell climb over the face of another woman — and in her stilletos — then complain publicly that she’s all alone on the board (but secretly be quite happy about it).

Just imagine if women took on the same attitude as men.

  • We would be talking each other up so much, there would be contracts and promotions everywhere.
  • Boards would be full of women who feel comfortable around other women and who are slowly building an empire of women around them to take them forward.
  • We could laugh off men’s advances or their (often reneged) offers of opportunities, because we have other women supporting our every move.

We don’t need men to stop blocking us, we need women to start supporting each other. Only then will men look outside the ‘boys clubs’ and realise the power of women who support each other.


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    Edyta Torpy

    August 8, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    I find this perpetuation of “women are their own worst enemies” myth frustrating. Women competing on an uneven playing field in the corporate environment, has very little to do with other women blocking their way, and a whole lot to do with systemic issues that have accumulated over years and which are alive and well in many organisations today. Are all women supportive of other women? No. Are all men supportive of other men? No. Are both men and women often supportive of one another? Yes. All of us could tell the story of the woman (or man, for that matter) who sabotaged our careers but does this justify a blanket statement about many, MANY women doing this? It can serve no other purpose than give some an excuse to blame women for their own challenges – “see, its not us, its those women doing it to themselves!”
    Drawing on my 30 years of working in the corporate sector, I would suggest that more of a focus on systemic challenges and less finger pointing at one another would do both men and women a whole lot of good. Let’s fight the issues and not one another!

    • Karla Pincott

      August 10, 2016 at 2:43 pm

      Agreed, Edyta… Fighting the issues and not each other is crucial!!!

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