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Don’t let your brand get lost in the crowd


Branding is an essential component of any successful business. If your company looks just like all the other companies in the same sector, then where is the incentive for buyers to seek you out above all others? Unless you can significantly undercut them or you’ve been around longer than the rest and therefore gained an excellent reputation, there really is none. If, however, you are able to stick your head above the parapet and ensure everyone’s eyes are on you…well that’s a different story entirely!

So, how exactly do you prevent your brand from getting lost in the herd?

Use your personality to your advantage

We are not robots, we are human beings, and as such we all have our own unique personality quirks. This is very good news when it comes to branding because if you can find ways of incorporating, say you’re love of Alice in Wonderland or your fascination with Zen Buddhism, into your branding, it will make you stand out and it will do so in an authentic way because it’s what you’re really into. Obviously, the key is to find a way of incorporating it natural otherwise it would just be weird!

Promotional products do work

A lot of people look at promotional products as something from times past now that we’re all online but never underestimate the power of a branded umbrella or wallet from

Promo Gallery to ensure that your brand gets noticed, the key is to choose promotional products that add value to the lives of your target audience and which are likely to be held onto – not thrown in the bin immediately after an event. If you can do that, then many people will be seeing your brand’s logo on a very regular basis.

The devil is in the detail

If you want to stand out from the herd, pay attention to the little things that most business women don’t even think about. From the way, you and your employees dress to the simplicity of your website, which social media platforms are most likely to appeal to your client base to how polite your autoresponder is – there are a million things that you can tweak just a little to make your brand a lot bigger.

Give them your story

Your business isn’t just a business – it is your life. So, tell your audience your life story. Have a great content writer from Upwork come in and help you to create an ‘About My Business’ that turns the story of your company’s creation, it’s mission and its impact on you and the world in general, into something akin to a  fairytale – a story that reels people in and makes them actually feel things about your company. If you can win them over emotionally, your brand will always beat out the competition.

Keep it cohesive

Last, but not least, you should ensure that your brand is cohesive. If your website colors are red and white, for example, then so should your business cards, promotional products and social media profiles be. It’s a small thing, but it makes your brand easier to identify.

Don’t get lost, use these methods to stand out from the herd and claim your place as the best business in your sector.

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