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Breathing life back into a stale office environment


No matter how hard we try to create an inviting office space for our employees, we can fall into the same traps as every other business owner before us and end up with a stale, bland environment where no one can be expected to create. If this year you would like to make a change to the space and breathe some life back into the area, here are some of the things you can do.

Collaboration spaces

One of the ideas which millennials have really brought into the working environment is collaborative working space. The idea behind this is simply the fact that people usually work better with people. When you are stuck in a small cubicle alone all day it is difficult to bring creativity to your work. However, if you have a place which is open and spacious, it allows you to speak to other people and even get their perspective on a project. One of the things some offices are doing to bring this one step further in creating a safe room in the office building with space for people to work if they need a different atmosphere during the day. Bringing these kinds of spaces into your office can make a huge difference to creativity and productivity.

Let people decorate

If you walk into a space every day which is dull and bland, it doesn’t feel like a place you can thrive. Once more, if you don’t give your employees the freedom to add personal things to their space, it won’t feel like a second home to them and they won’t be as comfortable in the space. If you let your employees decorate their own workspaces you will allow them to make the space motivational and comfortable for better working. It also gives everyone a chance to bond with their interests and you will all get to know each other better.

Think practical

If you want your business to succeed as a team and stay strong throughout the years you need to choose the right equipment to bring into the building. You’ll need to think of choosing the best machinery, select the right air compressor for your business, think about the space you have and the people you have who are able to use the devices. It is important that your workers have the best possible equipment to enhance their ability to create.

Bring the outdoors in

One of the things which can make a huge difference to your office space is the idea of having an element of the outdoors in your space. Fresh air, sunshine, and plants are an incredibly comforting thing to have in your office space and it can make a surprising difference to the overall atmosphere in your office. Think about fresh air as well as opening up the windows on warm days to ventilate the area. You can also think about bringing some plants and fresh flowers into the area as well and thinking about opening up the space for more natural light.

Feng shui

It Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese principle, and whether you are spiritual or not it can actually help make a better workspace for your employees. It is all about getting rid of negative energy in the office and you can move a few things around to help make a change in your mood in the area. Take a look online or buy a Feng Shui book and see if you can make a few changes!

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