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Bringing your packaging costs down


If you run a business that sells physical products, then you will know that packaging is important, not only because it serves a function, but also because it catches the eye of the consumer and convinces them to make a sale.

It’s not surprising then that most businesses spend a great deal of money on packaging – you probably do the same yourself. The good news is, even though you do need to invest well in your packaging, there are savings to be made…

Work out the important aspects

If you want to save your business money by cutting the costs of packaging, then you first need to work out which aspects of the packaging are most important to you. Is it the design? The shape? It’s ability to keep your products free from damage? The sense of quality it gives off? Once you’ve narrowed down exactly what you need from your packaging, you can start taking away the unnecessary.

Start in production

A good way to save money on packaging is by making it easier to assemble. You can do this by investing in the best employees, belts and pulleys for manufacturing industries and automated processes that you can afford. Yes, these are likely to cost you more in the short-term, but in the long-term, they will save you money by making it easier to manufacture and assemble your packaging.

Hire a freelancer

Instead of hiring a big company to design your packaging and build up your brand, consider hiring a freelancer instead. There is a lot of creative talent out there online, and it’s never been easier to find them. If you’re looking for fresh packaging ideas, freelancers are the way forward, and they are much cheaper too. So, don’t dismiss them.

Reduce the layers

Sometimes, products need to be sheathed in several layers of packaging, but often, that extra packaging is there just because it’s what everyone else does. Take a good look at your product packaging and see if it’s really necessary. If it isn’t protecting your product, then you can probably get away with using it. This will save you money on materials, and because your products’ boxes will likely shrink in size, transport and handling fees are likely to shrink too. Of course, you’ll need to do some serious tests to determine just how safe your products are without those extra layers if you don’t want to end up losing money to wastage and customers to disappointment.

Choose lighter options

Using lightweight packaging materials such as simple brown paper, tissue paper, bubble wrap and even eco-friendly popcorn is a no-brainer if you want to save money. Why? Because the lighter your packages are, the less it will cost you to transport them. It’s really that simple.

Buy in bulk

Buying the materials you require to package your goods will usually result in a discount, which can be quite hefty, Of course, you should only buy as much as you can comfortably store in your current premises, otherwise you’d have to hire storage, which would remove any benefits, but if you have the space, the discounts can be great.

Have you reduce your packaging costs? How did you do it?

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