How to build that self-confidence needed to thrive


In this life, you need to have a little self-belief in order to do most things. That’s pretty common knowledge, right? If you don’t really back your own ability to do even the most basic stuff, then you’re not really going to get far. You know this to be true – whenever you’re feeling confident, you tend to perform better, and you end up getting the results you’re after.

Now, as a woman, it’s even more of a testing issue. This world is progressing and moving towards a much more level playing field, but it’s still a male-dominated one at this stage. That means building confidence is somewhat of a bigger task for those on our team.

Confidence isn’t something that just hits you. Some people come across as natural bulletproof, but the fact is that their self-esteem and belief came from weeks, months, and years of constant work and lots of building. When trying to make your way up in the world, you need to have that confidence in pretty much everything you do. It’s not exactly a walk in the park to gather; it a slow process and takes time to harness. Here are a few ways you can boost your levels of self-confidence, and, hopefully, boost your prospects in this fairly dog-eat-dog world. 

Recognize that everyone starts small

As we said before, confidence doesn’t come out of anywhere – everyone starts out a little timid; it’s just a case of building on what you have. In terms of other aspects such as work and one’s personal life, people, again, start from absolutely nothing. If that doesn’t give you the required perspective, then not many other things will. Look at those in this world that are flying high and living like a boss – they all started from absolutely nowhere. 

Never stop learning

If you’re constantly taking in new pieces of information, then you’re going to be getting more and more competent each time. With that competence, a lot of confidence arrives. So, if you wanted to pursue a career in finance, for instance, then you could head back to school, and take in all kinds of new topics and tidbits. You could even read more about that kind of stuff online if you wanted to. If you stall in terms of your education, then you’ll only fall behind in this competitive day and age. 

Don’t be put off by failure

Failure always seems like a terrible thing – you’re not winning, after all. You’re instead subjected to a loss at that particular time. It’s not that much of a problem, though. Those that can take each failure and see it as a way of progressing often end up in better positions. Learn to enjoy failure. 

Earn a degree

Confident people are often successful both in their work and their personal lives. However, if you’re not fortunate to be born with a high level of confidence, you can boost your self-esteem by joining the Wilkes University Passan School of nursing to earn your nursing degree.  Although most people know that earning a college degree leads to increased job opportunities and higher salaries, earning your degree will also increase your confidence.

Don’t idle!

If you’re sitting still and waiting for things to come to you, then I’ve got some bad news for you: it will never arrive. It’s easy to say, but get up and do something – anything – that might be productive. Whether it’s in your professional life or domestic life, it’s better than sitting on your backside and waiting for nothing. It might seem like a little too much effort at first, but you’ll be in a much better mood later on down the line, and a much more confident person in the long run.

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