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Building a brand image that consumers will buy into


Successful brand image building is one of the most crucial features of any company’s marketing strategy. And it should be a priority for all business owners.

In fact, studies show that 70% of marketing managers rank branding as a more important aspect than converting sales. Therefore, taking the necessary steps to establish a brand image that prospective clients will buy into is vital.

Building a brand image that consumers will buy into

Focus on the following brand image factors with a brand strategy consulting agency, and you won’t go far wrong.

Know your audience

As a business owner, you naturally want to reach the biggest possible client base. However, only a very small number of companies boast a universal appeal. Accepting the need to tailor your strategy towards a target audience is one of the most significant steps on the journey to success.

After building an ideal consumer profile, you can complete market research to gain a deeper insight into their habits. Once you know what they respond well to, it can help direct your product choices, packaging designs, and marketing efforts. In turn, your brand will become more recognisable while also resonating with them too.

Focusing on one audience will likely alienate some outside groups. In truth, they were unlikely to purchase from you anyway, as long as the brand strikes a chord with the target audience, nobody else matters. You can analyse the responses to your mass email campaigns by using clever email strategies and tools.

Create a professional & versatile website

You will need to embrace a wide range of branding and marketing tools throughout your business journey. In this modern age, though, a powerful website is one of the best ways to leave a strong impression. Not least because it will be the first point of interaction for a significant percentage of your leads.

First and foremost, you need to know that the website itself will be supported by maximum uptime and security. Experts at can help you find a winning platform that will prevent visitors from encountering 404 error messages. An attractive design that captures the attention within seconds is equally vital.

Consumers are now more likely to access your website from mobile devices rather than desktops. So, you must ensure that the site looks equally fantastic across all platforms. Or else you could lose some of your visitors within seconds.

Become good at storytelling

Whether creating content for your site, social media streams, or offline marketing ads, good storytelling is key to brand image. There are many stats out there to highlight the fact that good brand stories drive engagement and increased ROIs. thanks to drones, live streaming, and other tech features, high-quality content is more accessible.

Moreover, thanks to social media, you can give a different type of insight than in previous generations. This can give your business a more human touch, especially when you know what types of stories to tell. The old cliche that ‘people buy people’ rings true. When buyers like the people behind the brand image, they will give its products more consideration.

Good storytelling is the key to getting people emotionally invested in the business. They will naturally want to be associated with the brand through purchasing its goods. It will subsequently enable you to sell the value it offers to their lives.

Build a trustworthy reputation

Trust is one of the most important words in business, not least when dealing with the relationship with customers. They need to know that you will maintain the highest standards in every part of the service. This includes products, data protection, order fulfilment, and customer care. If they can’t verify your reputation, they will look elsewhere.

Research shows that 87% of consumers check online reviews. So, gaining as many testimonials as possible is highly advised. Aside from showing that you are a reputable company to customers, it lets search engines know you are reputable too.

Simple ideas like adding clear refund policy data and providing easy-to-reach customer care will make a big difference. Affiliate schemes, brand partnerships, and influencer marketing are all great options too. Embrace it for optimal results.

Show your responsible nature

Consumers will judge your business on a wide range of brand image criteria. So, it would be very naive to think that the products alone will be enough to win their long-term loyalty. It is widely accepted that modern customers want to align themselves with brands that share similar values. Becoming a more visibly responsible brand will seriously help.

Going green has become the hottest talking point in recent years. Experts can help you discover ways to transform your venture for the better. Supporting local causes can be another fantastic solution, not least because you can tie this in with promotional days. Your brand message will become clearer, and it can inspire huge engagement.

In addition to making the brand more likeable, it will provide the professional atmosphere you crave. Whether consciously or subconsciously, consumers are set to feel a closer connection to the business. Over time, this should yield more conversions and loyalty.

Be more visible

It sounds a little obvious, but you cannot achieve anything if nobody knows of your existence. Therefore, ensuring that your brand is seen by the right people in the right places is vital. A great website supported by SEO and social media strategies should have a positive impact. But you can do more.

It is stated that consumers need at least seven touchpoints to convert. So, developing PPC ad campaigns, press releases, and email marketing streams are all wise moves. The more frequently your brand is seen, the more frequently people will think about. Even if it’s only subconsciously, it will increase brand appeal in style.

There are plenty of analytical tools, such as A/B testing to develop the very best and most efficient brand image strategy over time. If a campaign isn’t getting views or interest, you might want to drop it in favour of something that works. Simple.

Invest in people

Last but not least, you must remember that human interaction is often the key that gets a sale over the line. However, the vast majority of interactions will be handled by your employees. So, if you can recruit candidates that represent the brand well, you will be destined to thrive.

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