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How to build your career network


Just doing the best you can in your job will not set you up for the amazing career you want. You need to build your career network — and keep it strong.

Whatever you lack in talent, you’re able to make up in enthusiasm, and business networking is a good way to do this by demonstrating your passion for your industry.

But you cannot build a career network until you have an idea of what you want to achieve in the next five years. What is your ideal position in your industry? And who do you want to work with when you’ve achieved this?

Keep this in mind as you follow these steps to establishing a strong network.

1. Build your career network internally

Don’t limit yourself to knowing who is in your team or those in your age group. You’re not in business to make friends with your peers. Make sure you research the company’s organisational chart and connect with key people within the organisation.

It may be having a coffee, lunch or a get-to-know-you meeting, but make you build your career network on a professional basis, and not on a purely social level.

2. Industry network

Research the key players in your industry and connect with them. Attend the right events and learn as much about other people in this industry as you can.

Subscribe to the relevant publications and if possible start contributing your expertise to these, both online and in print.

People in the know need to know who you are and what you can do for them (and at that level, they’re not going to seek you out themselves. You’ve got to tell them.)

3. Cross industry networks

This is where you can make the biggest impact for your career. People often avoid mixing outside their industry – Big. Mistake. Huge. Cross-pollination of connections and contacts is where opportunities are found!

Is there an industry you have always wanted to know about or you’re passionate about? You may be a lawyer but passionate about sport – so start attending sporting related business events and build your networks. You never know, that may lead to a career change; remembering that on average Australian’s change careers SEVEN TIMES during their lifetime.

4. Using the right tools

The best way to build up these networks is to connect both online and offline. Don’t stick to one avenue only, make sure you consider:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Events
  • Meetings

Remember that building your career network is your responsibility. No-one else is going to do it for you.

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Founder and CEO of The Business Woman Media. Amanda Rose is also the only 'strategic connector', a brand strategist, keynote speaker and host of Amanda Rose TV. Connect with Amanda Rose on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or visit

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