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3 Terrible business blog mistakes to avoid!


A business blog is an exciting addition for most companies. You want to earn a good reputation, build yourself a solid brand and earn some money, and a blog will help you get there. Building that business blog is important for engaging customers, giving them somewhere to air their reviews and opinions and communicate to potential affiliates that you are interested in collaboration.

With companies everywhere investing more and more money in content marketing, a blog is a vital thing to have. A business blog is a traffic magnet for your business, if you know how to avoid the pitfalls. Blogging can be lucrative as a business in itself, but as a way to support your business it can go very badly if you make mistakes. A lot of companies fail with their blogs and there are hundreds of reasons this happens. However, we have got three of the most common mistakes corporate blogs make. Read them carefully and learn how you can avoid them for your own business!

  1. Using the wrong platform can have a huge effect on the level of traffic your website gets. Not all platforms are meant for corporate blogging, and you need to find a well-supported platform that is WordPress VPS with NGINX and memcached. The reason for this is you need as much support for SEO as possible, as well as a large data memory platform. You need to have good usability and flexibility with your blog but if you aren’t using the right platform, you’re failing before you even get going.
  2. Did you know that a blog should NOT be used to promote your products? Most companies fall here. It’s not a place to do any direct promotion of products and services you offer. This is what the rest of the company website is for. You want to use your blog as the place to engage new customers and pique the interest of existing customers. Your content should be engaging and new, discussing industry changes that affect your company, interesting facts and even funny posts about the office antics that week. People like people – so be more than just a company face.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is a total lack of social media interaction with their blog posts. If your company belongs to any number of social media platforms, your blog should be shared far and wide. Think about it, if you have thousands of Instagram followers or Facebook likes, your reach is going to be huge. The traffic you will guide toward your new blog is going to be huge and by not sharing on social media, you will lose that traffic.

Lastly, a huge mistake that businesses make is giving up on their blog. This happens far too often and it’s mostly down to a total lack of education on how they can reach people.

Your blog doesn’t have to be a boring tome on the things your company does, but you do have to make sure you avoid the mistakes listed above so your blog can thrive.

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