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Business failure can be prevented: 5 things to avoid


This guide outlines the five top reasons for a business failure, no matter the size of the business.

Recent statistics show that there are 33.2 million small businesses in the US, amounting to 99.9% of the total businesses operating in the country. However, the statistics also show that only about 34% of small businesses will make it to their 10th anniversary!

As an entrepreneur, these business failure statistics may seem daunting and even discourage you from wanting to explore your business ideas. However, the question that should be asked is: what factors seem to cause these failures?

Knowing why small businesses fail can guide you and prevent you from making similar mistakes in the future.

5 top reasons for business failure

Here are five top reasons your small business might fail that you should know about. 

1. Failure to understand and know your target audience 

Before you set out to establish your business, you need to understand your target customers. This is why you need to conduct market research to avoid business failure.

Market research lets you gain information about your customers, such as their demographic, preferences, wants and needs, and behaviors. This makes market research a vital component of any business owner.

However, it is also an area many small business owners usually pay little attention to! Regardless of how great your business idea may be, you need to ensure it is one your target audience can recognize and appreciate.

Gathering and analyzing information about your potential customers helps you implement the right strategies to draw them to you. This means without conducting marketing research; you wouldn’t know much about your target audience, which means your business may be on the path to failure.

You can collect information on your target audience in several ways to better understand them. For example, you can read reviews from competing businesses. Doing this would help you gain information on the likes and dislikes of your target market. You can also conduct surveys to ask your target audience direct questions to determine how to improve your business and ensure its success.  

2. Trying to control all aspects of the business

When you run a business, as an entrepreneur, it is understandable that you may see the need to control every aspect of the business. However, this is unhealthy for you and can cause your business failure.

For instance, assuming you have taken the role of accountant within your business, you only have a basic understanding of the field. That means you would struggle with more complex tasks. This, in turn, could mean you may make mistakes that could be detrimental to your business.

Additionally, focusing on every aspect of the business usually means most aspects of the business wouldn’t get your attention as they should. Again, causing a decline and the eventual failure of your business.

Therefore, instead of doing it all on your own, it is vital to consider hiring the right skills for various roles or consider exploring outsourcing. If you have a team, consider delegating tasks to other capable hands. This makes your operations more efficient and productive and allows you to focus on other areas of the business that require your attention, helping you avoid business failure. 

3. Inadequate planning

A part of being an entrepreneur, and a successful one, is to take risks. Perhaps, for this reason, several small business owners do not create a plan and thus end up in a business failure.

Although your business idea may be new, innovative, and likely to be a success, you still need a plan to guide you. A business plan is your roadmap to the structure, implementation, and operations of your business. It also looks at the future, helping you determine whether your idea is feasible and how much success it will likely bring.

The problem is, however, that several business owners do not give much attention to the planning stage. In some cases, planning is not in-depth and transparent, making it ineffective. On the other hand, the plan is completely skimped on!

When creating a business plan, be sure to focus on key components such as cash flow, marketing strategies, projected profits, and budget. It would be best to consider including your means of protecting yourself.

For instance, if you plan to run a home care business, you can consider including Insurance for home health agency coverage. This ensures you take the right measures to implement these responsibilities. 

4. Rapid growth of your business

Growth is one of the top goals of every business. It helps increase profits, attract new talent, encourages investments, and leads to the acquisition of more assets, to name a few. However, this is a slow and steady process. This is why fast growth is troubling and can lead to a business failure in the end.

Trying to make your business grow overnight does not create profitability or success. In fact, it does the very opposite. When you try to speed up your business’s growth efforts, you may lead to making financial decisions that put your business in harm’s way.

Additionally, taking on more than what your business can handle could also affect the quality of your goods and services, which would be detrimental to the business. Most importantly, rapid growth is unsustainable. Therefore, although it may seem your business is making strides towards expansion, profitability, and other signs of growth, it would be short-lived.  

5. Ineffective marketing strategies

Customers are the bloodline of businesses. Without them, there is no need for the business! Additionally, they ensure that your business achieves a large number of its goals, such as generating profitability and growth.

However, you must ensure they know about your business and brand to find your customers. Marketing is how you spread the word to your targeted customers in your business. The right marketing strategies ensure that you adequately communicate your products and services to customers and ignite their desire to do business with you.

It also helps you develop the right products your customers would like to patronize. Your channels of marketing should also be considered. However, this would depend largely on what the company is about and its target audience. 


Small businesses play a significant role in the US economy, offering jobs, contributing to taxes, and influencing economic development. However, such avoidable business failure issues are the major reasons why they fail within such a period of operation.

However, now that you know the top reasons why such businesses fail, you have the task that you learn from this and make the right changes to your business to guarantee its success. 

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