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Business & femininity: 5 Rules for how not to lose it


Today it is not uncommon for a woman to make a great career or to be successfully engaged in business. It seems that such a bold, independent, successful and busy woman cannot have reasons for discontent and depression. But, strangely enough, almost every businesswoman internally is not satisfied with her life.

Why? Business and promotion on the career ladder is a space that works according to the laws of the male world, which contradicts the female nature. Suppressing their femininity, women pay with loneliness, depression, and illness or a broken family. A man wants to see a fragile woman next to himself and not a man in a skirt. A working woman does not have the opportunity to fulfill her female duties fully because she constantly lacks the strength and time. But if a woman, especially married with children, still wants to be realized in work or own a business – it is quite possible to do this. But in order to feel harmonious, it is worth sticking to the basic rules. To conduct business in a feminine way is what needs to be learned. This is a great contribution to personal development, skills training, and application of these skills. These are higher levels and orders of femininity in business.

Basic rules of working in a female way 

The balance between work and personal Life

A woman loses her female energy when she thinks too much about work and money. Do not forget that work in the life of a woman is of secondary importance after the family. Love yourself and spend more time with the family, more often do things that bring you joy and good mood. If you put work in priority, then family life will begin to crumble. Always make a choice in favor of the family. For example, take yourself, as a rule, to refuse from work overtime or on weekends boldly and easily.

Be a woman in any situation

The state of most women working in offices is tense. Aiming at a career, we turn into bold, uncompromising and tough from soft and fragile women. Moreover, a man’s style of thinking and behavior is being formed, which gradually leads to devastation. This leads to the fact that many troubles and conflicts happen in life. Never lose the feeling of your femininity and fullness of female energy. Create a female field around you, surround people with love and care, fill the space around with warmth and comfort. And also switch your female condition. The head of business and the top manager are one role, and the home and the family are a different space, requiring a completely different internal state and approach. Therefore, it is important to enter consciously into this atmosphere in order to be a woman, wife, and mother in it.

Stop controlling everything

Of course, reasonable control of indicators is an important component of the business. But here we are talking about another control, about the psychological one. This is the state when you try to be present in all processes, to be their leader, to manage everything in your own way, not giving others the opportunity to make even a step out without your permission. It is very difficult to relax, let go of the situation, accept the existing course of things to people prone to control everything. It is very important to be relaxed, be able to accept and let go of the situation to a woman to stay filled. The controlling woman spends a lot of vital energy, which could go to other spheres of life. A more appropriate solution in this situation is to inspire your employees, motivate them with quality, and then they will come to the result you want to see more quickly.


It is necessary to be able to organize your life, space around, to have skills of time management in a female way. This will provide additional time for family, recreation, and creativity. It is necessary to be more effective in those cases that are planned for implementation, to observe the internal balance, to avoid rushing, and, as a result, pile-up fatigue. It is very important for a woman to have free time. And if we do not organize it ourselves and take care of it, there will always be those who will try to occupy it.

Working with pleasure

Of course, not every woman wants to do business, but if you clearly realize that you have an inner need to discover your potential, then safely leave your routine and do what you love. It is better for someone to stay on hired work, and for someone, the best career is to be a wife and a mother.

The main thing is to remember the basic rules of work that will help to maintain a balance between family life and business. And do not forget to ask men to help you to solve problems, because they really want to feel their importance in your life.

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