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The business of fitness: What do clients want from a personal trainer


If you’re an active woman that takes great pride in keeping your body in shape, the fitness industry is very attractive for business. It gives you the chance to make good money while doing something you love. The fact you get to help others in the process is simply a bonus. For the venture to succeed, however, you must ensure that everything you do is designed to satisfy their needs.

Without clients, the entire venture falls flat. Focus on these five things that fitness enthusiasts want, and you should have no problem gaining the results you need. 


First and foremost, potential clients need to know that you’re the real deal. Keeping your body in great shape is one of the many benefits of working in this industry, and can aid your personal brand. More importantly, though, taking fitness courses and building your experience is vital. When combined with positive feedback from existing and past clients, you’ll be sure to win over those new ones too. Gaining photographic evidence can also work wonders for the cause.


One of the main reasons that most people struggle with fitness is that they fail to take accountability. So, being a responsible trainer that pushes them in a positive manner can make all the difference. Your personality the greatest USP at your disposal and you must not forget it. Go the extra mile by showing support out of classes with regular communication and nutritional support for the best results. When clients want to work hard, they’ll achieve far more. In turn, this will allow your business to thrive.


While getting fit is a huge reward in itself, most clients will give up when it becomes unenjoyable. Showing that you know how to make routines fast, frantic and fun is vital. Give yourself a niche by learning boxercise or other additional workouts. Meanwhile, offering group PT sessions and classes can also be a fantastic way to crank up the fun. When exercise becomes their new hobby, you won’t go far wrong. In turn, your business will reap the rewards.


Unlocking true fitness potential can be confusing for clients, which is one of the chief reasons for getting a PT in the first place. They need your guidance along the journey, and technology is a great asset. This can range from using social media and websites to sell your product, to using video tutorials and Apps for scheduling sessions. Crucially, you should always try to explain things in a clear manner. Not everyone will understand the finer details of macros, for example, which is why simplicity is king.


Getting fit is a major life goal for millions, but they have other commitments too. Given that food, gym clothes, and other features are expensive, most clients won’t want to pay huge amounts for a trainer. While you need to value yourself in business, pricing yourself out of custom would spell disaster. Ultimately, though, you can’t put a price on good health. As long as your services help clients accomplish their immediate and long-term goals, they will remain loyal.

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