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4 Business ideas for at-home moms


If you’re a stay at home mom, don’t let that deter you from launching a new business. There are a lot of business ideas to choose from, especially since the digital age has ushered in new online business opportunities. However, not every online business is geared toward moms.

If you want to start an online business from home, we have a list of potential business that could bring in a nice passive income, and businesses primed for growth. Let’s take a deeper look!

1. Blogging

I know what you’re thinking — not another blogging business. But, don’t count out blogging as a lucrative home business idea. In fact, blogging is not only easy to launch, it’s also very affordable. And if you have some startup cash, you don’t even need to be a writer, because you can outsource that for the first few months.

Blogging is also a natural choice for moms at home, since you have a massive target audience of other moms to cater your content to. The aim, however, is to stand out. First, you need to read a blogging startup guide to begin your basic research. Next, you need to have a niche within your niche.

A sub niche is very important these days when it comes to blogging. But when you capture an audience of 1,000 or more, you are on your way to blogger success.

2. Consulting

You probably did something before you were a mom, making those past skills pretty valuable to others. For example, if you were an accountant for a firm prior to becoming a mom, you could consult on taxes and payroll for small businesses in your local community. Most small business owners don’t want to deal with accounting things, and would gladly outsource to someone.

Consulting using your past experience can also be a global business idea as well. You can launch your consulting website, set up your social media accounts, and begin networking on sites like LinkedIn. Once you have a few clients, you’ll be surprised at how word a mouth will travel if you provide a valuable service at a great price.

3. CBD entrepreneur

The CBD industry is booming and women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the industry’s growth. In fact, Around 75 percent of CBD companies are run by women. Mompreneurs are all about CBD, making it a great stay at home business idea that has big time profitability.

There is also a large variety of products to leverage. For instance, there are tinctures, balms, lotions, and more. Most moms get started by actually trying a CBD product for themselves, a family member, or pet.

Teressa Sworsky is a CBD entrepreneur who was introduced to the industry via helping her pet. “After giving the CBD oil to her dog, she decided to try it for herself as an alternative to her side effect-ridden anxiety medication,” The Chicago Tribune wrote about Sworsky.

4. Online marketplace

Online retail sales in the US are predicted to be nearly $750 billion by 2023. And there is no sign of sales slowing anytime soon. Moms at home can get a piece of the billions by launching an online marketplace. This is a pretty easy business idea to get started with little overhead and startup costs.

You can go to an online platform like Shopify or BigCommerce and set up your ecommerce site in about a weekend. But before you do that, you will need to know what types of products you want to sell. You’ll also need to think about space to store inventory, or go the dropshipping route.

Dropshipping is great for selling a number of different products, since you don’t need to have any space or overhead on your inventory. However, dropshipping items can have a longer delivery time, so it could be hard to compete with Amazon and eBay fast delivery times.

Wrapping up . . .

The above business ideas for at home moms  are just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath the surface are a whole lot more business ideas a mom could capitalize on. The above, however, are much easier to start, more affordable, and can fit a mom’s busy schedule a bit easier.

Other at home business ideas to consider include, franchisee, product design, SEO strategist, mom-influencer. Do you have an at home job as a mom? We would like to hear what you do, and how you got started.

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