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3 Business ideas that lend themselves to outsourcing


With the recent rise in the ‘gig economy’ over the past few years it is becoming increasingly more attractive to build a business based on an outsourced model.

Some of the reasons for this working so well are the flexibility and the perceived ability to create a large passive income.

We thought we’d look at 3 of the business types we have seen that lend themselves to an outsourced business model. While no business will ever be completely outsourced, there are certain types which will work even if you don’t have a main office with everyone working in it.

Telemarketing company

A telemarketing company used to mean having tens, hundreds maybe even thousands of ‘operators’ sitting in an office. There were massive overheads involved to build an efficient telemarketing operation.

Today, technology has moved on at such a pace that you can now have your entire telemarketing team working from home or anywhere on the planet and monitor their performance from anywhere you choose.

Now a voip phone system and a virtualised I.T infrastructure can mean you never have to be in the same place to produce the results for your clients.

Transcription business

Even with the latest advancements in speech recognition technology, a lot of companies and organisations need transcription services. When looking for transcription services, ensure you select a professional company with ample experience in the industry. An example can be seen through Apple Transcription who’ve been working since 2005 and specialise in a range of transcription services.

Why do transcription service businesses lend themselves to an outsourced model? Well there are a lot of people looking for flexible work. Whether this is due to childcare, caring for family members or just generally want to live a flexible lifestyle, they offer a transcription company the flexibility to provide the service level expected, when required to clients but also allow for the natural flow in work by not having to keep full time employed staff busy all of the time.

Software/web development company

As of March 2016 it was estimated that 26.4% of the web was powered by WordPress. Now estimated at over 30%. Why does this matter you ask? Well, the company behind WordPress is a company called Automattic. No-one in this monster organisation works in a centralised office. Now famous for the ‘choose your own adventure’ work ethos.

Now you can build a workforce who produces software or websites the size of Automattic with members of the team working from all corners of the globe.

So, there it is, the three business ideas above represent a much larger number of businesses you could build using outsourcing as the primary model. Hopefully this article inspires you to think a little more about whether a fully outsourced company would work for you.

I think one of the normal worries about this type of organisation is a loss of control. With the advancements in technology there is a real potential for nearly any business you think of to have some form of external work force.

An agile business is perfect when starting up also, you will be more flexible and able to cope with changing economic conditions than some of the larger, well established companies.

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