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A Business leader’s guide to facebook insights


When you’re running a business, it’s essential to stay abreast of results in every area of your company – even those that aren’t quantified in terms of revenue. A successful marketing strategy reveals trends today that will pay off tomorrow, if you remain informed enough to capitalize on your hits and to learn from your misses.

No advertizing medium is more pertinent to 21st century business than that of social media marketing, and within that realm Facebook is a giant. Understanding who among that 2 billion-strong monthly audience are interacting with your posts, and how they’re doing so, is not merely optional for business strategists in most sectors: it’s an essential part of everyday working life.

Facebook understands this, of course, and to encourage the 50 million businesses that use the network to promote their goods and services they’ve made it as straightforward as humanly possible to view and analyze the data around your marketing campaign.

Naturally enough, they’ve called this utility Insights – and this new visual guide from Business Backer breaks that somewhat multifarious Facebook zone down into manageable categories.

Making sense of Facebook data

For daily use, you’ll find the Overview page has everything you need. It’s the place to start for a quick glance at the general health status of your business’s Facebook Page.

The Summary section shows the Likes, Engagements (comments and such), and Reach (number of views) your Page has had lately – it defaults to the past seven days, but you can switch it up to look at today’s, yesterday’s, or the past month’s results. You can also export these stats as a CSV which is useful for your records or if you want to figure the data into your broader marketing results.

A handy tool on the Overview page is Pages To Watch. It’s a chart to which you can add the statistics of competitor Pages to make it easier to keep an eye and compare results with your own. Try searching “pages liked by people who like [your page]” at the top, to provide some suggestions on which pages you might add to this chart.

Delving deeper into your Facebook stats

Subsequent tabs in the Insights section show a lot more detail about just what’s going on with your Facebook Page. Leaders will want to keep an eye on these sections week in, week out, while your marketing department will likely be using them every day.

The Likes section shines more light on the figures you saw in the Overview, such as where your fans were when they Liked your posts – did they come to your Page to Like it, or did it crop up in their Page Suggestions or another platform?

The Reach section is particularly useful if you’ve been paying to boost your Posts. It shows just how many people are looking at your posts, whether those views are the result of paid boosts, and also flags up any negative responses you’ve received – such as Hides and Unlikes.

Figuring out what kind of posts are getting the best reach, and when those posts were shared, is at the heart of strategizing your Facebook marketing campaign.

But the Page Views and Action On Page tabs are, in their way, even more fundamental to your sales approach. The Actions On Page tab is a really powerful tool for breaking down the demographics of those who are interacting with your Page most closely. Getting people to visit your Page and complete an action is how you generate leads. Facebook allows you to prioritize a single particular CTA, and you can experiment with purpose of this button – be it to fill in a form or visit your online shop – to see what is most effective at getting a response and generating revenue.

Part of your marketing routine

It’s super-useful that Facebook Insights is broken down into these separate sections. It allows business leaders to delve as deep as they like or have time for. In an ideal world, each business will have somebody who is monitoring this stuff closely – but it is never not the responsibility of the boss to have one eye on the health levels of her business’s Facebook Page. So get stuck in!

A Business leader’s guide to facebook insights

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