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Does my business look big in this? An outfit for every work occasion


Women in business are forever fighting against stereotypes. We have to overcome the long-standing belief that women are the lesser sex. As such, you may feel the instinct to fight against anything considered ‘female’. From hysteria to fashion, it seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

On the hysteria front, you aren’t wrong. But, there are ways to use fashion to your benefit. By power dressing, you could turn the stereotype on its head, and use your clothes to help carve your place in the business world.

Of course, there isn’t outfit to suit all your business needs. Which is why we’re going to look at some fashion options for each business setting.

In the office

You won’t be trying to impress when you’re in the office. That said, you still want to stay professional. It will set the right impression for your staff and will put you in the right mindset.

Of course, comfort is critical. A simple shirt and trouser combo might work best here. Think, too, about ditching those heels for some comfortable black shoes. They may not be the fashion statement of the year, but they’ll ensure you can move smoothly around your office. Not to mention that they still look more professional than your trainers would.

Meeting time

Business meetings are the real deal. These are your opportunity to sell yourself, and your outfit should reflect that. Keeping in mind that meetings are often about power, it’s worth cracking out the high heels. You can keep your comfies in your bag if it makes you feel better. But, for the duration of the meeting, appearing taller will have a significant impact on how seriously you’re taken.

Other than that, it’s okay to stick with the shirt and trouser theme here. In an effort to stay in your associate’s minds, it might be worth investing in a colorful shirt option, like those found in the CC range from Treloar Apparel. A bright shirt is sure to make an impact. Think, too, about finishing the outfit with a suit jacket. The more professional you appear, the safer they’ll feel doing business with you. It’s also worth thinking about accessories. You don’t want to go all out here, but a stylish watch could help to boost your professional appearance.

The business dinner

Business dinners are perhaps the most difficult balance to get right. Rather than sticking with a suit, it might be best to opt for a classy dress for an event like this. The touch of glamour is sure to go down well and show your associate that you’ve made an effort. Bear in mind that you still need to keep it professional, so short dresses are a no-go. But, hems that fall just above the knee are ideal. Again, stick with the heels to show you won’t take any messing. You could even include the addition of earrings and a necklace to give you and added sparkle, here. Then, let your business proposition do the talking.

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