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Why do business overheads need to be so high? (Hint: They don’t)


Everyone entrepreneur knows that you’ll need to spend money to make it in this world. However, high outgoings put huge pressure on your ability to generate even higher revenue. Not having the capital to satisfy those overheads, especially in the early stages, is the main reason that so many companies crash and burn.

It’s not uncommon to be left pulling your hair out over those mounting overheads. While you can’t remove them altogether, you can at least remove some of the strain. Here are five top tips to help you.


Employees are the most important asset for any business venture, but staffing is also one of the biggest costs. Learning to embrace modern tech by outsourcing certain jobs can work wonders. Whether it’s hiring a freelance graphic designer or dedicated IT support teams doesn’t matter. The direct and indirect expenses will see an instant reduction. Better still, this will happen without causing negative impacts to your productivity. Perfect.

Buy old

We live in a world that’s obsessed with buying new. The key thing for your company, though, is that those assets can do the job in an effective manner. When buying warehouse machinery, used equipment from NTP Forklifts can generate big savings. As long as they are maintained in the right manner, you can still get years of service out of them. On a similar note, used office furnishings and similar products can have positive impacts. Only go for new stuff when dealing with tech and items where the best products actively improve the business.

Go online

Marketing overheads are arguably the most complex of all, as the success of those campaigns is crucial to the company’s revenue. Nowadays, digital marketing is the ultimate resource for increased exposure at a modest cost. Small gestures can improve online visibility and visitor rates. Assuming those facilities display info about the business in a productive way, it should bring increased sales. In turn, this can completely transform the future of the venture.

Choose long-term

When you’re new to business, you want the risks to minimal. Therefore, you may be tempted to avoid long contracts and vast commitments. If the worst were to happen, though, those contracts would become void. Whether it’s finding better web hosting or seeking improved gas rates doesn’t matter. Every saving is a step in the right direction. If nothing else, it’ll reduce the associated admin work also. Given that time is money, this is a huge bonus too.

Trade skills

Money might be tight, especially as a young business. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out of assets altogether. Offering to do some work for another company in return for the products or services you require can work well for everyone. Perhaps you’re an accountancy firm that can do a furniture store’s returns if they fit your office. While that’s just one example, there are many more out there. Make use of your talents, and it’ll feel like you’re being paid by a new client while reinvesting the money elsewhere.

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