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Business planning secret: start with the end goal


I’m a planner by nature, however in all of my previous businesses I’ve been driven by a “good idea” or an “opportunity” and before I knew it would find myself in the midst of a business I’d created, juggling numerous balls and numerous rolls and not necessarily getting what I wanted out of it.

However, before moving into my current business,rather than diving in head first, I took some time out to get really clear on what I wanted – what I wanted from my lifestyle first and foremost, and then what I wanted from my business. Using this information, I was then able to assess different opportunities and ideas as they came along to see which one was actually a great fit for me, and luckily a few months later when someone made the suggestion that I make the move into business coaching I could tell instantly that this was a perfect fit for all of my criteria, and then I was able to dive in.

The end goal

For me it’s so important to get really clear on your end goal and your vision for your business. Not only does having this clarity enable you to be pro-active in planning and shaping your business growth and development to suit your wants and needs, it also really taps into your motivation which is key for keeping you going when things get tough.

Having a clear vision enables you to get your team on-board with what you’re trying to achieve and also enables you to craft the right role for yourself within the business as it grows. It is this clarity that will also enable you to assess new opportunities and avenues as they arise to see if they’ll move your business (and your role) closer to that goal, or if they’re actually more likely to distract from and derail your plans.

So, how do you start creating this vision?

The first step is to take yourself away from the “busyness” of normal life and give yourself some space and time to consider honestly what you really want from your lifestyle. This could be a holiday, a weekend away, or just a series of coffee dates or long walks byyourself.

Start by yourself

I think initially it’s important to start this process alone to get really clear on what’s most important to YOU, without the influence of anyone else. Do you secretly have a burning desire to travel? Do you want to move from where you’re currently living? Do you want to work full-time, part-time or not at all? What’s your definition of those terms? How much money do you want to earn? Why, what do you want to do with that money – bigger house, fancy car, private jet or private island?! Get specific. Do you want to retire? When?


Once you’re clear on what you’re looking for from your lifestyle, if you have a partner it’s probably pretty important to share some conversations around this subject with them, to check they’re on board with your vision and there’s no major conflicts with their own vision of your future together.

Identify what you want

From there it’s time to turn your attention to the business itself and how you could shape it to fit within your ideal lifestyle. What is it that you want from your business? Do you want to be a one-man band, or do you want to be part of a team? Do you want to manage that team personally? Do you work from home or do you want to have offices? What type of clients do you love working with? How do you want to spend your time within your business – do you want to be the “owner”, do you want to be the “manager” or do you want to “do the work”?

Analyse your role

What’s your personal skill set – where are your strengths and where do you bring/add massive value? Getting clear on all of these things will help you to define the role you want to take within your business, which will help enormously in defining where you need to systemise and outsource, or bring in staff, to enable you to focus on the role you want to play.

Getting clear on what you’re aiming at can only make it quicker and easier to navigate the best path to get there, not to mention the confidence that comes from having that clarity, which will keep you focussed on developing your business to support your goals and needs, rather than allowing the business to take on a life of its’ own and dictate your lifestyle to you.

About Kayleigh Steadman

Kayleigh Steadman is a high-performance coach for business owners. She is based in Bristol, in the UK and works via skype and face to face. She works with business owners who are passionate about what they do, to help them get the most from their business and their role as business owner. If you’d like to find out more you can visit her website

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