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The 3 strengths we women can depend on for business success


We started our business without any experience, but we depended on three strength traits that that can build a foundation for success. When we founded Those Girls Beverage Co just over three years ago we made a decision on a whim that we did not realise would affect our lives as much as it has. On just an ordinary weekday, while sitting at our desks enduring the summer heat, we decided to start a beverage business. Why did we make that decision? In short, because we love tea and we wanted to make some extra money. Also, deep down we felt like we could do more, be more and create more. So we did it, we entered the business world with zero experience, and took a leap of faith in ourselves (and each other). The fact that we started our journey with zero business experience meant that we saw everything in a different light to those who have been involved with business before.

1. Own it

Yep, just own it. Whether good, bad, ugly or damn amazing, it’s yours so own it. This can apply to absolutely everything! Your business as a whole, a bad decision, a risky decision, great feedback, business development and everything in-between.

If it is a bad decision, its okay, we all make mistakes. Don’t try and pretend it didn’t happen or blame someone else. Just say ‘yep, it happened, it wasn’t ideal. But believe me, I have learnt for next time’. Everyone goes through some kind of ‘hiccups’ on their way to success. Personally, we admire someone who is confident enough to admit they’re wrong when something doesn’t go as planned. As long as you learn from it there is always a positive. Never be ashamed that you tried.

If it is a lucky break (which we all know isn’t actually thanks to luck, its thanks to the many hours, tears and sweat you have put into the project), own it. Damn girl, you worked for it, enjoy your victory. Life is hard enough already, celebrate your wins and take some time to be proud. You deserve it!

If it is your business as a whole then this is where you really need to own it. For us, we started achieving our best results once we realised it was us, and solely us that are responsible for our success. Even though we are part of a team and there are always others around us, it is our job to lead, guide and direct our team to achieve great things. We are the motivation, the passion and the drive. We set the standard for our company. If we can’t (or won’t do something) then how can we expect anyone else to? If we aren’t the most passionate people in the world about our brand, then how can we expect our staff to be?

By owning it and taking responsibility you are being a true business owner, you are setting a great example and you are saving time and allowing yourself to learn, develop and grow.

2. Trust your gut

This one took us a while to learn. Because we started with zero business or beverage experience, we always doubted our decisions. We always thought other people knew better because they had run other businesses or worked with beverages before. We would make decisions we felt were wrong and could backfire because we didn’t trust our gut.

But then one day we woke up and realised that we have spent the last 1,100 days of our lives, living and breathing Those Girls Beverage Co. We have personally served over 100,000 beverages between the 2 of us. We have researched every idea that has ever crossed our path, spoken to every supplier and event organiser we have ever worked with, developed every product we have ever made and created a brand based on our own lives.

Who could possibly know any more about our company, brand and products than us?!?

That’s not to say never take others advice or that we’re always right (because that is definitely not true). All we are trying to say here is, if your gut is telling you something, listen. There is a reason you feel that way, so understand the reason, double check everything and make sure you are 100% happy with your decision. In saying this, we are also very keen advocates in learning from other around you and tapping into their knowledge and experience. There is always something to learn and we never want to stop growing and developing ourselves.

 3. Never give up

Sometimes giving up can be more tempting than a slice of Nutella cheesecakes with double cream and a brownie on the side. But don’t do it, be strong. From our experience, after some of the toughest times come some of the best times, victories or wins. One of our favourite quotes is ‘In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’ – Albert Einstein. Giving up is the easy way out, you are better than that. Don’t be afraid of a challenge or scared of failure. Go out there and be amazing. There is a reason that you have got to the point you are at, and it is because you worked for it. There will be some tough times and hard punches, but the pride you will feel when you gets those wins will be worth it.

And who knows, maybe one day you will go on to make history or leave your mark on the world as that girl who did something truly amazing and inspired others.

About Lauren Davie

Lauren Davie and Elena Andoniou are two entrepreneurs who started their business journey with a true passion for tea and with the goal to bring smiles to faces around the world. You can read more about them and their product at or check out their social media @thosegirlsaus.

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