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Business letter format: master the art of writing


This short guide outlines the different business letter format and and tone to master different types of letters.

Business letters are an effective way to deliver a message to potential clients, business partners, or employees. They are a tried and tested method for business owners and even though the idea of a letter is a little outdated these days, they’re still one of the best communication tools you have at your disposal.

The business letter format can be used to achieve a number of things, and knowing how to write a good one is important.

Unfortunately, the world has moved on and the art of letter writing is dying out. That means that many new business owners don’t know when and how they should be using the business letter format and how to craft the perfect one.

Business letter format and tone

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to help you master the art of the business letter format. 

Know The Purpose Of The Letter 

Before you do anything else, you need to know why you are sending the letter in the first place. There are a number of situations where business letters are useful but in their most basic form, they exist to convey information to the reader or ask them to provide information to you.

Either way, you need to determine exactly why you are sending the letter and consider how much information the person you are contacting already has. You also need to think about what kind of action you want them to take as a result of the letter. These are some of the key reasons to use a business letter format: 

Providing information

As already discussed, providing information is one of the key reasons for sending a business letter. In some cases, you may be providing information to your employees.

Business letters are a great way to update people about changing company policies or share news about how the business is performing. Equally, you might decide to contact customers to let them know about a new promotion or a change to your services. In the case of contacting customers, it is important that you always end the letter with a clear call to action. 

Closing a sale 

If you have been meeting with a client but they are reluctant to close the sale, a business letter is ideal. It’s a more personal way to lay out the benefits of your product or service in a clear, well-presented way.

The client has it all there in black and white, so it’s hard for them to deny the benefits of working with you. Taking the time to craft a letter shows the client that you are invested in this relationship. You may also decide to offer a limited time discount or some other incentive to encourage them to move ahead with the sale. 

When trying to craft this kind of business letter format, don’t be too pushy. You don’t want it to read like an advert, you want to build on the relationship you have already developed with the client. 

Thank you letters 

This is one that people don’t often consider, but it’s incredibly important. After closing a sale, there is a lot of value in sending a thank you letter to clients. This lets them know that you appreciate them and are still invested in them, even after they part with their money.

If you want to generate regular customers and build long-term relationships, a simple ‘thank you’ ’business letter format after a sale makes a huge difference. It doesn’t need to be long and you don’t need to attempt to convince them to buy more products or services. Just write a short letter thanking them for their business and let them know that you hope to continue the relationship in the future. 

Starting business relationships 

Business letters can be used to start and strengthen your relationships with other business leaders. If you are looking for a business partner, for example, and you have found somebody that you think is a suitable candidate, sending them a letter is a good way to introduce yourself and propose a partnership.

Business owners have thousands of emails to go through and it’s easy for your messages to get lost. Writing a letter is a good way to cut through the noise and make yourself memorable. 

Mastering the art of the business letter

Now that you understand the different uses for the business letter format and some of the benefits, let’s look at some of the key things to get right if you want to master the art of writing one. 

Use good quality stationery 

Never underestimate the value of good stationery when you are writing business letters. As soon as somebody receives that envelope and opens it up, they are already making a judgment. If you use high-quality paper that creates a general sense of success and luxury, your letter will be well received.

Putting the time and effort in really shows the recipient that you are invested in your relationship with them. But if they receive a letter written on cheap paper with a biro, they will get the sense that they were an afterthought and you are not really that bothered about them. 

Get the tone right

Tone is very important when writing a business letter. In order to get the right tone, you need to think about who you are sending it to, what your existing relationship is, and what the purpose of the letter is. If you are writing to a long standing customer that you have a good relationship with, you can take a more casual tone. But if you are making first contact with a potential business partner, a more professional tone is best, in most cases. 

Get the call to action right 

Your letter should end with a call to action, in most cases. Sometimes, there is a clear action that you want the recipient to take, like contacting you for a quote or closing a sale. However, if you are making first contact with somebody and the letter aims to open a relationship, you may have a more general call to action. In this case, make sure you provide contact details and tell them you look forward to hearing from them.


Mastering the art of writing a good business letter can open a lot of doors, so it’s a skill that all business leaders should focus on. Follow these simple tips to help you write the perfect letter. 

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