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Why businesses should pay more attention to introverts


While many businesses still go by the conventional wisdom that says they should hire the most outgoing, social candidates for the best chances of success, that notion is being challenged as more and more discover what introverts bring to the table. In fact, a recent study conducted by Harvard, Stanford and University of Chicago researchers found that the best leaders were actually introverts, with extroverts average a 2% lower return on assets.

Whether you sell Charleston real estate and are looking to hire an assistant or you’re a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, here’s why you should pay more attention to introverts.


Introverts are usually better able to focus on getting a job done without becoming distracted as they’re typically quiet and appreciate alone time. As they’re more efficient, that can also inspire other employees to follow suit and become more efficient as well.


Introverts don’t usually rely on others to inspire them. They take that cherished alone time to regroup, reenergize and think creatively to discover unique solutions and get the job done without having to be nudged by the boss in the process.

Listening skills

Introverts typically have outstanding listening skills. They can easily detect problems among team dynamics, addressing them appropriately to deflect potentially toxic situations. The ability to take account of varying points of view is far too undervalued as it often results in better decision making by considering others input first.

Calming presence

As introverts tend to avoid conflict as much as possible, during times of crisis they can be the calming presence in the office, providing reassurance that helps everyone pull together to overcome hurdles and get the job done.

No office politics

Office politics can cause a lot of stress and tension among staff members, leading to a lack of concentration, lack of interest and decreased productivity. Introverts tend to stay out of politics as they aren’t about fake social interactions aimed to score brownie points. They want to do the job they’re supposed to do and do it well without getting into office drama.


Dependability is one of the most important qualities in any employee yet it’s lacking in far too many. Being loyal, reliable and dependable are a few of the qualities that most introverts have. As they’re the type who usually only trust a handful of people, when they’re on your side you know that you’re going to have someone who is totally committed and trustworthy.

Soft selling

“Hard” selling is something that turns many people off, which is why more businesses are turning to soft selling techniques instead, with an inside selling person working in an office, communicating with customers online. This form of selling favors introverts as it doesn’t involve crowds of people, requiring more research to learn about a customer as well as the ability to find innovative solutions to customer problems that naturally increase sales.

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