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5 Reasons why businesses should upgrade to windows 10


Over the years, technological advancements have brought about many positive changes to the virtual world. These changes have helped make our lives more efficient. Within the virtual world are so many complex features and programs that when combined get to bring out the best.

These technological advancements have not only brought on revolutionary changes to our dealings but also on the bigger perspective to businesses and corporations. Systems such as the Windows operating system contribute so much to businesses and corporations with their dealings. In fact, it is the most popular and prominently used in the operating system for both personal and business use.

With this positive reception, Microsoft has been improving the operating systems for years, making them better and better. The constant improvements of the Window operating systems have led to the rolling off of Windows 8 and the introduction of the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 has its annoyances but no one is perfect. In fact, the first reception of the Windows 10 operating system was not as positive.

Luckily, Microsoft bears the habit of updating their operating system from time to time, rather than at a go in bulk. So with the lessons learned, the newly updated Windows 10 operating system rectified the mistakes and most importantly, it is designed to be user friendly.

Additionally, the operating system has gone as far as to be universal with added useful apps and broader device compatibility. For business solutions, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is compatible with devices such as tablets and Smartphones for effortless and easier work execution and communication.

These advancements have also made the mobile working concept a blissful transition. The operating system enables enterprise apps used by businesses a unison by optimizing the same features and functionality on a cross-section of devices, be it a desktop computer, tablet or Smartphone.

As if the integration of apps and devices is not enough, Windows 10 also comes with the special virtual voice activated assistant. The Siri of Windows 10, Cortana, helps users to effectively interact with a desktop PC. Voice enable commands pretty much helps the user to easily navigate the system and enhances efficacy when working.

Whilst touch screens are very useful to tablets, mobile phones, and laptop computers, voice activated command agents are a haven for desktop computers. So if you are not yet convinced as to why you should upgrade your business to Windows 10 – and upgrade right now, at this moment, below are 5 reasons to convince you.

User friendly designed interface

The updated Windows 10 incorporates improved familiar and popular user interface features and elements that can be traced back to Windows 7. And to make it more familiar and user friendly, Windows 10 comes equipped with apps

To get to the start menu in Windows 10 is so much easier than on Windows 8, with the power button that is easy to locate. On the start menu, the OS provides an array of existent apps, folders, files and programs that you have downloaded – allowing you to arrange them according to your preferences. There are also live tiles that provide current useful data such as weather updates and social media notifications.

The Windows 10 operating system also features attractive and practical feature changes such as that of taskbar icons placed at the bottom when opened. This makes multitasking easier on more realistic on your desktop computer.

Integrated functionality

Otherwise known as interoperability, the Windows 10 OS is designed that the computer systems and software work the same way. With the same data and features, the systems and software can be accessed over an array of devices such as your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Instead of designing a separate operating system for each device, the Windows 10 operating system works the same in all the devices. The Windows 10 developer, Microsoft has stated that the goal of designing the operating system to function with interoperability is to maximize developer interests and make the goals of businesses and enterprises easily achievable.

I mean, you can adopt the same operating system not only in your Windows Desktop pc, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, but also your windows enabled Xboxes. Microsoft was also prompted to integrate this design due to the changes in consumer behavior.

Over 40% of Microsoft Windows users switch their work from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones through the day due to the changes to a faster paced and mobile oriented work and life. Thus, to make the process ad transition easier, Windows 10 operating system has leveraged on this trend to help businesses enhance efficiency.

Lower prices and reduced barriers

Because the Windows 10 operating system is designed to allow you to use it over an array of your devices, the cost becomes lower. This also means that device management is simplified whilst security is reinforced amongst all the devices you have connected to the Windows 10 system.  These devices are also equipped with two-factor authentication and improved browsing. With this unison, using the windows 10 system is made friendlier and easy.

Consistent updating

Instead of a one-time bulk update, windows 10 consistently goes under updating. This means that features and apps that are part of the operating system go through a constant update, making them better and better. Plus, constant updates also help to fortify the security of the overall system.

In case malware developers have come up with malicious gimmicks, the updates constantly throw them off-board. Constant updating also means that Microsoft incorporates user complaints and suggestions into the updating process, making your Windows 10 experience better and better with each update.

Voice activated assistant

Cortana should is another reason why you should upgrade to Windows 10. The voice activated program features a smart processing ability to understand and execute voice commands. Additionally, you can sync this program across all your devices.

Cortana even has a sense of humor to keep your day bright after those long stressful meetings. The smartness Cortana allows the program enough comprehension to effectively search through your local files to the internet to find solutions to your questions. Cortana even helps you to understand features with the system and make necessary setting changes for you.

By now, you should be convinced enough. The 5 points above not only showcase the advantages of the Windows 10 operating system. They also outline how updating to Windows 10 is not just a transition from one system to the other, but rather a way to help improve efficiency and security within your business.

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Pranchil Pandey is an IT specialist who devotes most of her time to helping businesses protect their systems.

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