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Can women really have it all? [infographic]


It’s the constant debate: Can women have it all? And what are the factors, tips and challenges? We’ve previously advised in more detail on some of the ways to look at the challenges, and on some tips for achieving that.

This handy infographic created by Column Five from a global LinkedIn survey, wraps up some of the facts in a very accessible format. The data shows that 74% of women believe they can have it all, despite all the obstacles in their way: managing both a career and family at the same time, pressure to not only match up to men in the workplace but to have to surpass them, the different expectations put on our behaviour, the ‘boys club’, the glass ceiling… even other women.

Around the world, 77% of women consider their careers to be successful, but admit they face a range of challenges – both to get there and even after they have achieved that success.

Of those surveyed, 51% said a major challenge was the lack of a clear career path either within their company or within their field. And 44% were still facing the effects of the gender pay gap, with an inequality between their pay packet and that of their male counterparts.

Another 44% unsurprisingly faced struggles in the attempts to balance a family life and their career — a subject we have explored on The Business Women Media.

And a surprising 33% said their career success was hampered by a lack of mentors or role models … another issue career and business women often face. There’s no doubt there is benefit to being mentored and also to mentoring, and women perhaps need to be encouraged more on both sides of that conversation.

When it came to family, 43% of women say they are currently career-focused but plan to slow down when they have children, while 25% say they love their family but could never be stay-at-home mothers, and 22% love their jobs but would prefer to be stay-at-home mothers if they had a choice – meaning if they did not have to earn money for the household.

The study also showed women’s expectations have changed over the past 10 years or so. A decade ago, 56% saw success as earning a high salary and only 39% saw it as having a balance between work and personal life. That has see-sawed, and now only 45% see it as the high salary while 63% see it as the work-life balance.

But if women are one thing, it is resilient. And while 74% is a majority, it is still a concern that 26% believe they cannot have both a family and a career – or can see no way to balance the two.

Can women have it all

Infographic courtesy of I-Credit



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