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What a b****?! Care about your employees not for them


Perhaps, because of the stereotypes that women still face and the fact they don’t want to be labelled a b**** in the workplace they can still take on a more caring role. However listening to everyone’s emotional problems and comforting them if they got up late, have had a row with their other half, or just aren’t quite feeling themselves at the moment isn’t the best use of your time or your energy as a manager. Despite this so many women in positions of authority end up shouldering the burdens of their employees, proving emotional support for them in the workplace that would never be expected of their male counterparts. To get a better balance, we should be focused on looking after your employees without actually having to personally and emotionally care for them. So read on for some guidance on how to do this.

Look after their health and safety

One way that you can guarantee the best for your employees without having to tend to their every need is to ensure that level of health and safety are right within the business. Something that helps to promote the physical and emotional well-being of the workers.

To do this, it can help to put in places some essential safety measures that deal with things like life safety, fire, and the preservation of health, as well as have these inspected by an outside company regularly to ensure their efficacy.

It can also help to institute wellbeing programmes with opportunities for subsidised or free exercise and emotional support through counselling.

These strategies can be useful in the workplace as you are looking after your employees’ well-being, without having to involve yourself in their day to day emotional traumas.

Don’t have an open door policy

It is often thought that an open door policy is a good procedure in business, as it allows people to come to you if they have an issue or a problem. The thing is though that sometimes this can be misconstrued as an informal counselling and life coach service, especially for female bosses.

To combat this steer away from an open door policy, keeping only to official channels for issues and complaints. Alternatively, if you do use this technique make it clear that it is about business issues and that you only want to hear about things that are negatively affecting the company, rather than having to deal with the interpersonal problems of the employees. 

Keep business and friendships separate

While it is helpful to have a few close friends or colleges that you can rely on for a bit of support at work, when you get into a managerial position it is a good idea not to try and be buddies with everyone.

After all, those in positions of seniority will have to make unpopular decisions at times, so the likelihood of maintaining everyone consistently liking you is slim. It also can create confusion with employees and add an emotional strain to your as their manager,  when you have to ask them to do things because the friendship and business relationship can become confused.

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