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Thinking of a career change? Try these rewarding options


Do you feel like you fell into your career? Or perhaps that it’s just not giving you the fulfillment that you crave?  You aren’t alone, there are thousands of people who make a huge decision to change career paths and start making a difference to the world.

Teaching is a profession which a lot of us shy away from.  We know how hard we were as kids, right? However there has been a big rise in new teachers coming not from university but redirecting their career in their thirties.

It isn’t as simple as going for an interview and bang! … you get the job.  Retraining can be lengthy however there are lots of incentives and some countries even offer a bursary.  So do your research and see what support there is in your area.  You need to decide which age children you believe you can inspire and then work out what you want to teach.  It is definitely a career to be proud of and an opportunity to help improve the lives and futures of plenty of children.

Nursing is another career which can be taken on a little later in life.  You could consider a role as a paramedic and then transfer over, or you could study and go straight into the profession on the floor of an ER or health centre.

You can even specialize on a certain subfield that you might have a deep interest in, like if you want to help out families undergoing care, perhaps enrolling in a family nurse practitioner program might just give you the right boost. Research exactly what you need to do and check out the details from 360 healthcare staffing to get to grips with how to make this career turn.  The men and women who help us through illness, support our parents through terminal illness and look after our children when they are at their most vulnerable are invaluable.

You could also consider a career with our Armed Forces.  The Army offers a variety of options for those wanting to join at various stages of their life.  Whilst it is a huge decision to make as you will be expected to go on operational tours, it is also an incredible career which gives you vital training for various skills which could help you improve your options later in civilian life.  The Army do loads of bonding exercises all year round, from skiing to diving and you will experience an incredible bond with your military family.  Be prepared to spend long periods of time away from home and challenge yourself in ways you never imagined.

Don’t ever feel like you are stuck in the career you are in.  It is never too late to change your future and get your teeth into a challenge that really makes you happy.  So be brave, gather up all the information you can and talk to people who are already in the profession you are hungry for.  Then, just go for it!

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