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Career mom: Balancing between work and family


In a world where women have it way harder than men in business, special efforts have to be made to ensure that some balance exists between work and family. This is not an easy task, especially for a mom who has her work hours cut out for her. You have to juggle between meeting work deadlines, getting your children to school on time, being home in time to make supper, and being there for your husband. The struggles are practically endless. In this regard, we have gathered a few tips that should make it easier to get and keep this balance:

Set your emotional affairs straight

It’s not a secret anymore that many mothers struggle with guilt for being in an office the whole day rather than home changing diapers and picking up toys. Some barely focus on work and practically jet out of the office at 17.00pm to go home and see their children.

Productivity is important, and it is what your boss pays you for. The more you worry about your child, the less you do at work. Your co-workers and boss will soon notice.

There’s no reason to feel guilty when you are out there working to make sure that your child grows up in a decent home.

Get a nanny

Yes, this is a lifesaver. Getting a good nanny to take care of your child when you are away is almost, ALMOST, like replicating yourself. Of course, get some good baby clothes, kids tables and chairs, and playpens for them. Then, the child will be appropriately clothed, fed well, bathed, taken out for a walk, and have supervised playtime. You get to come home to a full and tired baby, waiting for her goodnight kiss.

Good nannies, however, are hard to find and you have to devote some serious time when choosing one. Check their qualities, trustworthiness, decency, and reputation.

Be organized

To save time and avoid chaos in the morning, make sure everything that is needed in the morning is arranged and placed where it should be at night. Go to sleep after ironing clothes, folding them neatly and putting them in the right rooms, setting alarms, and packing work stuff. Leave only one or two things for the morning, such as packing lunch or making breakfast. Better still, have a househelp do it! When you simply don’t have the strength to do all that after work, get yourself a good help who understands what should be done, and does it as needed.

Stay in touch with your family

This especially important for your marriage. If your husband is also working, then you both probably get home too tired to hold any decent conversations or have real family time. It is good to call once in a while, maybe twice during the day to check on each other and see how everything is going. It avoids alienation and the ‘too busy for me’ attitude they may perceive.

In conclusion, a working mother and wife needs to organize. She needs to be strong to maintain a successful career and more importantly, a loving family.

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