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    Red teaming: what is it and should you use it for optimal security?

    What is red teaming, and should you be doing it to test whether your security tools and procedures will stand up to a cyber attack? On average, it takes businesses 191 days to identify a security threat and some more...

  • business styling body language trends executive style

    What is masstige, and why this niche is taking off

    Masstige has become one of those phrases bandied around in the marketing world for some time now. It has traditionally been a niche, but as borders break down and technology improves it is starting to take off as consumer...

  • Drama young business woman

    How stress hurts health

    New millennium women play a wide range of roles in one day. Personal chef, frugal housekeeper, office executive, loving caretaker, funny girlfriend, nurturing mother, and many others are just a few of these roles. This can be true for...