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Changing your marketing mindset


In my career in marketing, which spans 25 years, I have come across many mindsets in relation to marketing but the following are most prominent: –

Marketing is easy, I just need to do a little of this and that and I will be earning 6 figures overnight.

Refer mindset above after a few weeks – marketing doesn’t work for my business.

I just don’t have it, I’m not creative – marketing – it’s one of those things that some people have and some people don’t right…

The reality is marketing is not magical. There is no fairy dust. And you can and must learn how to do it, as no matter what business you are in, you still need to be a marketer and you need to build your marketing capability.

Marketing is a process which is an integral part of your business.

Marketing is all about creating customer value – which is why it’s important that you change your mindset towards marketing and how critical it is to your ongoing growth and success.

So, I mentioned that marketing is a process. Of course, there is no one size fits all that will deliver to your specific needs but there is a method you can follow.

Changing your marketing mindset

Step one: Problem to be solved

Start with the problem that you need to solve. Do you need to get new customers? How many do you need? What is your business challenge/problem and the behaviour you want to affect?

Step two: Information needed

Understand the landscape in which you operate to uncover insights in order to develop your marketing strategy e.g. who are your customers, what is their decision-making process, what motivates their purchase? What makes you different? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Who is your ideal client? What is the competitive landscape?

Step three: Reach your target audience

What platforms do you need to be on?  What are your customer touchpoints?  Where is your ideal customer and how do we best reach them?

Step four: Expression of the idea:

What is the creative platform?  What value can you bring and how will this be expressed creatively?  What is the single-minded proposition?  How do we engage the customer?

Step five: Tactical plan:

How will you reach your target market within your marketing budget? Tactics may include a Facebook campaign, website optimisation to increase traffic, email marketing, public relations, blogging, delivering workshops and networking and maybe some old school direct mail!

Step six: Assess the metrics:

Understand the effectiveness of your activities, did you achieve your objective set at step one? Was there an increase in enquiries, sales, brand awareness, usage, website visits, engagement…

The first steps in the process from one through to three will provide many insights into your business such as:

  • Your business capabilities and drivers
  • The creation and development of new products and services
  • Opportunities to create value in innovative and differentiated ways

By attaining a deep understanding of your client, their influencers, motivators and triggers you can start to really connect with your client.

Let’s start by unpacking step one. What are some of the challenges that might be facing your business right now? Depending on where you are on your business journey these will differ:

Build brand awareness

Awareness should be your focus when you start out on your business journey. Without knowing your product even exists how can you even expect anyone to purchase! Building awareness is core!

Increase your buying rate

You also need to consider your buying rate, selling more to your existing customers makes good business sense as you reduce the need to spend dollars on building awareness. Focus on retaining existing clients and encourage them to become loyal advocates to spread the word for you too!

Increase market penetration

You can build market penetration by product testing and incentives, both of which I know are very successful and, in many cases, imperative. With any new product or service, you must encourage trial, especially if what you are selling is innovative. People need to engage with your product or service – they need to meet your team, see the environment. Make sure you encourage engagement with all the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste!

About Sara Berry

Sara Berry Founder of Marketing Sense, is an internationally experienced marketing professional with 25 years’ experience. Since opening their doors in 2012, Marketing Sense has worked with businesses to develop cost effective strategies for growth. If you would like to follow each of the steps detailed above and learn how to save time and money on your marketing sign up to the free 7 Day Marketing Challenge

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