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What are chatbots and why they are changing business


It’s evident, man is a social animal and humans are smart beings.  If you are still not certain, look at what we have done together so far!

We crave for support and attention and we are restless when it comes to our living standards. We want the best with minimal effort – almost instantly if possible.

Every second counts in this mad dash for success and greatness.  To help you with your daily struggles, what if you could have a personally customised automated assistant tirelessly aiding you and completing your tasks for you in a jiffy?

Staying true to this principle the digital revolution is here and Chatbots are taking the world by storm.

Chatbots: What are they all about?

As the forerunners of the newly introduced conversational interfaces, Chatbots are automated platforms that talk, message and interact with users.

The user interface is real simple, ask a question, voice your need and voila you get the best solution available. This is what a conversational interface essentially does.

Having been initially developed as a medium to cater to the odd customer requests, Chatbots are now increasingly being used everywhere from various messaging platforms like Facebook messenger, to providing customised shopping experiences such as those employed in fast food giants like Dominos, to personalised business advisors like BRiN, at your beck and call.

These automated conversational interfaces are betting on man’s biggest trait of conversing with others and primarily focusing on utilising it to change the way computers influence and impact our lives.

The recipe for the perfect Chatbot!

Setting up a Chatbot that can understand your requests and solve your problems in an instant is no easy job. Owing to the soaring popularity, companies are investing in artificial intelligence to help create the perfect bot that can learn, correct itself and develop its own work along the way.

Cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, is used to help understand the nature of the demands and arrive at the most optimal solution, ensuring the user goes home happy.

Advancements in deep learning technologies enable Chatbots to understand and respond naturally to queries. Neural networks, one of the core principles of machine learning, analyse and develop patterns from a large volume of data. The most astonishing feature of all is that Chatbots become smarter over time, making themselves better and more efficient after each user session.

The numerous avatars that Chatbots can don!

From setting your alarm, to organising your schedule for the day, Chatbots can do your bidding. Acting as virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about missing an appointment ever again.

From a business perspective, Chatbots are penetrating into different disciplines. Let’s now take a closer look at a few major applications of Chatbots.

Customise shopping for your customers!

More often than not, customers seem to be overwhelmed by the range and spread of products available. Serving not just as customer representatives but also as sales representatives, Chatbots help you customise your shopping experience.

Customers are king and Chatbots are here to make sure everyone’s shopping experience is nothing short of an enjoyable experience with attractive messaging platforms where you can virtually try on apparel, read reviews, pay without leaving the app and track your orders.

Let the bots bring in the food!

Chatbots offer a wide range of services, for example, in the food industry, fast food giants like Taco Bell has ‘Tacebot’, a chatbot to help accommodate all your Taco Bell needs from ordering food to suggesting add ons.

Pizza Hut and Dominos have also joined this trend, making Chatbots an essential part of the food industry.

Why should bots not have fun?

Entertainment bots are fast picking up pace as people don’t want their bots to help them with problem solving alone, they want to be able to play games and do a lot more.

Keeping these interests in mind, Facebook Messenger has introduced games like Mojihunt (a game dealing with emojis) and TriviaHunt and several others ensuring that there is something for everybody out there.

Need expert advice? Look no further!

Chatbots can now give you expert opinions on a wide range of subjects from legal aid to career advice. DoNotPay, a bot which answers all legal queries free of cost, is the world’s first robot lawyer and it aims to provide free legal advice to its users and guides you through your entire legal procedures. BRiN, the world’s first digital business adviser provides personalised education and human-like support to millions of entrepreneurs, all at the same time.

If you are still wondering why…

Humans communicate and they love to talk. Tapping into this can be beneficial for your business. Chatbots are here to do just that! Delivering on the promise of customised one to one attention to your customers, Chatbots are all set to do what was once thought as impossible, provide instant personalised attention to every customer day or night.

Chatbots are ready to change the way the world works? Are you?

About Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont is the founder and CEO of BRiN, the world’s first artificially intelligent business advisor. Available as a smart-phone app the company’s goal is to provide personalised education and human-like support to millions of entrepreneurs, all at the same time.To find out more about BRiN and claim your free subscription go to:

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