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How to choose a career that will make a difference


The world can sometimes feel like a hopeless place. Politics, hunger, climate change, and even just the hectic pace of daily life can become a tiring grind. Fortunately, there are people out there who have channeled their compassion and empathy into careers that are centered around improving the world for everyone else. While some jobs are designed to help an individual or small group become rich enough to support their family and no one else, other jobs are vital to the healthy and happy maintenance of the planet. These jobs are fulfilling, challenging and exciting, especially for those with a generous streak. If you think this could be you, read on for some useful tips to help you choose and land a career that will make a positive difference in the world.

Understand your skills

What are you good at? This can feel like a simple question to some and a complicated one to others. Internal doubt and the pressure to stay modest can, over time, convince you that your skills aren’t as valuable as you first thought. You may have been a kind or intelligent child who was overlooked in class because you weren’t as athletically talented or scientifically minded. These small moments of demoralization can build-up to the point where we no longer recognize our own qualities and useful attributes, especially when it comes to picking a career from the millions of jobs available. Write down a list of your practical skills, such as software you can use or tools you can operate – your qualifications. Next, take note of attributes that make you stand out from other people, such as your ability to think clearly in a difficult situation or communicate well with people. Highlight the aspects of yourself that you enjoy the most. These will be the basis of your career search.

Research potential areas

Now that you have a stronger understanding of what you have to offer the world, it’s time to search for a position where your skills can shine through. A talented and fair leader isn’t as much use as a freelancer as they would be in a bustling office. Making a difference isn’t about striving to become something that is unsuitable for your skillset; it’s about fitting into a place where your personal and professional qualities are given the opportunity to improve the world around you. Don’t waste years of your life trying to become a surgeon if you find it overly stressful and demotivating – you are needed more where you can perform at your highest level. Research careers that utilize the skills you outlined in point one. Which of these appeals to you most? What lifestyle can you see yourself living if you select that particular career path?

Commit to learning

There will always be gaps in your knowledge and experience when finding yourself at the bottom of a career ladder. What is it that your chosen career path asks of you that you don’t currently have? A particular skill or qualification? Find out what is needed and seek to teach yourself more about the subject. For example, undertaking an online Masters in clinical mental health counseling will help you on a path to becoming a certified and trusted counselor. Dedicate your time to transforming yourself into the ideal candidate for your dream job. You will make more of a positive difference in the world by fulfilling your potential to its highest.

Avoid distractions

Even the most goal-oriented and ambitious people can struggle with distractions while chasing their dreams. Life can get in the way occasionally, but sticking to your plans and pressing forward is vital to achieving what you want. If you are compelled to make the world a better place, time is of the essence, and wasting it on mundane distractions won’t help you get ahead.

Focus on your morale

No matter how committed and motivated you might be at the start of your job hunt, frequent rejections and setbacks can cause you to become demoralized to the point of inactivity. You may start to reconsider your ambitions to change the world for the better and decide to find another type of job where you will at least get paid and have something to do. Avoid the pitfalls of low morale and remind yourself that important processes take time and energy, so don’t drain yours. Although distractions are usually unhelpful, if you must take a break from your plans to boost your mood and rediscover your motivation, then let yourself do so. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your talents somewhere that doesn’t fully appreciate them.

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