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Why clients aren’t buying from you


A lot of people make the mistake of not understanding their market BEFORE they launch their business or product. As far as marketing goes, this is where a lot of people drop the ball. This one mistake is responsible for a lot of people failing in their businesses or just giving up on pursuing their big ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you are launching a new product or a business, the same marketing principles apply:

You have to do your market research AND understand your market.  (You can read my previous article on how to do great market research here).

You are maybe asking yourself, well what does she mean by understanding your market?What I simply mean by this is that you have to get in the head or walk in the shoes of your potential customers.

You need to know:

  • what makes them tick
  • what their hopes and dreams are
  • what goals they want to achieve
  • what scares them
  • what annoys them
  • what keeps them up at night
  • And so on!

When you know your customers better than they know themselves, then you can deliver them the most relevant information because you know what they want.

This empowers you to become their guide in helping them along the journey because you know the common obstacles they will face. You know how to solve their problems.

Here’s an example that illustrates my point well

I’ve just returned from a meeting with a client who is putting together a 10-week course based on her expertise. She is creating a product to help her clients run successful businesses. She is the subject matter expert in her niche. Because of this, one assumes, she would know exactly what her audience was thinking and feeling.

But as we worked together, she realised that being the expert is very different to walking in the shoes of your customers.

To truly understand your customers, it means that you must empathise with their pains first — which is all about connecting with them on an emotional level.

As an expert, you can easily forget to SELL your services because you didn’t invest time to build a connection with your customers. If you’ve ever had a prospect on the phone, a potential new client, then as an expert, you would be inclined to solve their problems right away!

I often find that it is harder to sell your products or services when you don’t connect with people in the first instance. So you need to take a step back, and start observing and listening.

Here are 5 ways you can learn to connect with people so they buy from you:

  1. Identify blogs and forums in your chosen niche
  2. Hang out in these forums. Be a fly on the wall. Absorb what people are talking about, what frustrates them, what are they complaining about
  3. Then create a fictional avatar of your customer. Give them a name and find a photo on the internet of what you think they look like.
  4. Write down what they are thinking, feeling, saying and doing.
  5. Armed with this information, any product or content you create from now on will be for this fictional person

Every marketer will follow the above process before they embark on any marketing campaigns. In marketing terms, it is much easier to market to one person than to many. When you market to many people, you market to no-one. You don’t stand out.

And when you play safe and blend in, your business doesn’t get noticed. So people don’t buy from you. You can hire expensive copywriters, or you can take my word for it.  If you want more customers to buy from you, or are simply looking to improve your conversion rates, then follow the 5 steps I outlined above, and let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn how you go.

About Jovana Vujnic

Jovana Vujnic is the Founder of BumperLeads – a marketing automation agency specialising in helping businesses convert strangers and online visitors into leads and customers.

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