Color: secret power tool of killer presentations


You’ve spent hours and hours preparing your speech or presentation. You’ve carefully organized it, the words are all perfect, and you’ve practiced it over and over. You have the perfect visual aids to highlight your points. OK, you’re ready to go. So what are you wearing? Have you thought about how the color you are wearing can greatly influence the message of your speech? Color is the secret power tool of killer presentations.

Why Color?

Science has proved that we react to colors. Each color has its own vibrational energy on the spectrum, and that allows it to bypass the conscious mind and travel directly to the limbic brain. What this means is that your audience will respond immediately without conscious thought to the color you are wearing or using in your speech. Before you even say a word.

But which color will you choose?

Red is a passionate and powerful color, so will help you to share that passion and give an energetic presentation. It also demands attention while also offer you security and grounding.

For a creative presentation or when you want your audience to participate, orange will assist.  It is a social-able color and you will appear approachable.

Yellow is an intellectual and engaging color. If you have some difficult concepts to share, it will help you and your audience have a clear mind to take it in. When your confidence is lacking try a yellow pick me up and speak with all your power.

Green is a compassionate color and works wonderfully when reaching those heartstrings. Speak from the heart with Green or Pink.

The ultimate color for communication and speaking is blue. It will clear the throat and help you clearly get your message out.  It is a color of trust and authority. Be the authority in your field in blue.

Purple is the color of leaders. You will be setting the stage as someone who has the answers that your audience is seeking.  Present yourself as the leader in your field.

The color that blocks

When you turn up in to your presentation dressed all in black, what are you saying? The message is clearly, stay back, I’m not sharing anything of myself with you. Black will make it difficult to connect with them.  So please wear some color.

Use your intuition

Now you don’t need to go all out and buy a yellow suit, to get your audience’s attention. Stick to your style and coloring. Your use of the color can be subtle. You may just want to wear a color scarf or tie. If there is a color that you really feel is going to put the icing on the cake of your message, but it’s a color you just can’t wear, be creative. Can you use it in your visual aids?

You don’t need to be a color expert to use color well in presentations. Just think about your message, who your audience is and how you want them to respond. It’s very intuitive, most of the time you will get it right.
When all is said and done, your audience most likely won’t remember your words. It is how you make the audience feel that they remember. So why not give yourself a head start with some well-chosen color.

About Andrea Putting

Andrea Putting, author, speaker and business soul coach, is a guiding light, for business women who are ready to get over themselves and embrace their true potential. Her unique fusion of spirituality, business and colour therapy will revolutionise your approach to business that is dynamic and inspiring to the world, while being fun, exciting and profitable. Meet Andrea at or follow her at and get ready to awaken to your own brilliance and amplify your Spiritual Abundance.

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