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Coming back from a career break without the career


Many women choose to take a career break at some point in their lives. They might be raising kids, traveling, or simply pursuing personal interests. Whatever the reason, it can be a struggle to get back into work, especially if you formally parted from your employment. Chances are you want a different lifestyle to the one you had before with full-time work as well. So how can you get back all that you want after a lengthy career break?

Freshen up

Refreshing your most important qualifications is a great idea. If you have professional body membership, these might have expired. This can be the case if you haven’t been undertaking enough continuing professional development lately. So get back out there! If your career was marketing or technology based, a lot might have changed. There are plenty of short online courses to focus on the specialist areas you need to catch up with.

Places like LinkedIn can be ideal for both research and promoting yourself. Find out what your closest colleagues have posted on their pages. How does yours compare? Start developing your profile, focusing on the areas that are most important to the career you want to get into now. Add all of your recently acquired qualifications and experience too. Now you’re ready to develop that all important resume.

Make a change

You don’t have to go back to what you were doing. Anyone with a Bachelor degree can easily move into other professional careers. You just need some idea of what you want to do. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with freelancing or part time work that doesn’t challenge you. You’re better than that and far more capable than that. Most importantly, you’re worth more money than that!

With a Bachelor degree, you can maneuver your career into new directions that allow you to do what you want to do. With options like online college social work Masters courses, you can swiftly and easily get into a brand new career starting at a high level. This is possible even if it is completely different to what you did before. Approaching your studies this way also allows you to continue working to cover the bills and it can fit around your lifestyle as you like.

Going for the big prize

Of course, you might have had so much R&R that you are now brimming over with great ideas to start a business of your own. This gives you all the freedom to work around your hobbies and home life. It also means you can work in the role you always wanted, and the sector you’re most interested in. You might be able to operate your business from home. If you’re hiring office space, consider hot desking at first to save some cash.

You might not have much cash to invest, but that’s OK. Not every business needs much more than a laptop and an internet connection. From there, you can operate online in a number of ways. You might use a drop shipper service for an online store. Maybe you’re a writer and have clients lined up to pay you for copy? Start small and invest your income as it comes in to grow bigger bit by bit.

How to get back into it

Whichever option you select, it can be tricky to make that first move and get started. After so long away from the regular workplace, you can lose your drive and your confidence. You might have lost your connections too as your network changed without you. Without a doubt, your priorities in life have changed. You’re a new version of you, and that needs to be accommodated when you start to make it back into your career of choice.

You can build your confidence up in several ways. Start with an exercise plan to increase your stamina and energy levels. As you achieve more and more physically, you’ll feel more empowered to tackle the mental challenges of getting back to work too. Exercise programs can also alter your self-image or inward perceptions. Make it a regular thing for the new you.

Tackling short courses and advanced educational certification can also boost your confidence. It will certainly boost your resume! Tackle as many as you like. They don’t even have to be related to your new career choice. Learning something new and achieving a completed course is a great way to feel more confident about you.

Network as much as you can. Attend seminars, join LinkedIn and FaceBook groups, and try to reconnect with old colleagues. You never know who might offer you the next big opportunity. Good luck!

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