Company tours are an overlooked marketing strategy to build connection


This guide outlines how and why company tours can help build a stronger connection with your customers. As every business owner will tell you, developing a good marketing strategy is crucial for success. It typically involves advertising, promotion on social media, and different types of PR. But did you know that company tours can be an excellent marketing tool, as well? In fact, at times, they can be more effective than all other kinds of marketing. But why is that the case, exactly?

Why company tours are a great marketing strategy

Well, that’s what we’ll explore in this guide. In the end, you’ll surely understand how much your business can benefit from occasional company tours!

Company Tours Create a Personal Connection With Your Customers

Good marketing always comes down to one thing — establishing a bond between you and your customers. The closer your clients feel to you, the more likely they are to buy from you. No amount of flashy ads can replace that, which is why a growing number of entrepreneurs is turning to social media and direct interaction. And what could be more personal than allowing your customers to tour your facilities and see your daily operations firsthand?

By organizing company tours for your clients, you show both that you trust them and that you’re trustworthy. After all, if you had something to hide, you wouldn’t invite them over to your facilities. When they see how much care and attention go into every step of your production process, they’re sure to appreciate you more. On top of that, your clients will get to meet your managers, employees, and other members of your staff. Your company will no longer be just another faceless corporation. And then they’ll be more willing to buy your products and use your services.

They Help You Seem More Professional

Do you want your clients to think of you as capable and professional? Company tours are a great way to leave that impression right off the bat. After all, they present an excellent opportunity to show off your organizational skills by delivering a fantastic presentation on the go.

Of course, that means you have to carefully consider what you want to show them and how your employees should act on company tours. You don’t want all operations to be put on hold because of the tour — your clients should see how you work. However, you also can’t let your staff interrupt you or get in your way as you go around the facilities. That certainly wouldn’t make you seem professional.

And if you really want to impress, a wireless tour guide system could come in handy. With earphones for all tour attendees and a microphone, you’ll be able to deliver your presentation flawlessly despite any noise. Plus, you’ll show your clients that you’re resourceful and practical in all circumstances!

Company Tours Allow You to Create Your Own Narrative

Successful marketing always tells a story about your brand and delivers it in a compelling package to potential clients. Your company tours can do exactly the same thing, only even more effectively. After all, your customers will experience the things you show them firsthand, whereas advertisements only show pictures and words on the screen.

So, how exactly can company tours help you craft the narrative you want to present to your clients? Well, for instance, you can show them your newest facilities and best machines, or let them use high-quality products. You can also invite some of your most talented employees to speak on behalf of the business. That way, you highlight all the positives, leaving your customers with an overall great impression.

That’s not to say that you should lie about your company and trick your clients into trusting you. Crafting your narrative during the tour simply means showing off your strengths, something your customers will surely expect. However, if directly asked about any failures your company has experienced, be honest but make sure to bring up the lessons you learned from them.

They Are an Experience That’s Hard to Forget

With the number of ads we see daily, it’s no surprise that only a few actually stick out in our minds. And making an unforgettable, catchy ad is incredibly difficult — so much so that it’s hard to say what the secret is. You may succeed by accident, but there’s no need to chase after that goal. In fact, we know of a much better way to ensure your company stays in your clients’ thoughts for a long time.

And, of course, it’s organizing company tours. Do you remember the last time you visited a factory to see how a product is made? Unless it’s something you do all the time, we’re sure that such an experience stands out to you. So, it’s not hard to imagine that it will leave an impact on your clients, as well. Even an average tour will be hard to forget, so you’ll hit a real jackpot if you organize an excellent one. Give it a try — we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the results.

In Conclusion

Company tours may not strike you as a marketing tool at first, but their advertising power is rather impressive. They allow your clients to get closer to you and have a glimpse of the inner workings of your business. To you, that might not mean much, but they’ll certainly feel as if they’re a part of your company too, once you allow them in. And after that, getting them to purchase your products or use your services should be easy. After all, we usually buy from those we trust!

Rick Farrell is North America’s foremost expert in improving manufacturing group communication, education, training and group hospitality processes. He has over 40 years of group hospitality experience, most recently serving as President of for the last 18 years.  He has provided consulting services with the majority of Fortune 500 industrial corporations improving group communication dynamics of all types in manufacturing environments.

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