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Confidence is the new sexy


Confidence isn’t universal. According to scientific research, women are typically less confident than men. Do you resonate with this research?

You might know the work you’re doing is valuable. You believe in what your company can offer the world. How can you convince others? Simple answer – don’t. Believe it yourself with your whole being and let your confidence in your claims, inspire others. When it radiates from you, it’s not only a powerful selling tool, it’s also undeniably sexy. For females with great business aspirations, sexiness and unfaltering confidence can look like a language everyone else is fluent in, and here is an urban dictionary. These simple habits set some of the most accomplished and irresistible females on a level of their own in the business world;

Analysis paralysis is real (you need to break out of it) 

Ever feel overwhelmed with decisions and decide to just do nothing instead? Very few people enjoyed Shakespeare in school but for those who took the time to appreciate Hamlet, this is a defining element in the storyline. Hamlet becomes so obsessed with overthinking that it completely dominates his ability to take action. Taking action and planning action can’t take place at the same time. If you’re overthinking, you’re failing to take action – paralysing your progress. How to conquer it? It’s complex and different for each person. A starting point involves trying to do more and think less. Be audacious and daring.

Embrace the power of “no” 

Society has praised women who are kind and gentle to such an extent that few are brave enough to set aside the smile and command (respectfully) what they deserve. Women who battle with confidence will often find it easier to go without for the sake of keeping the peace. This is one of those juicy opportunities to challenge a comfort zone. Remain kind and courteous as you say a straightforward “NO” without feeling the need to justify it.  

Smile in the face of an eff-up 

Failures are building blocks with which you can pave the road to success. Confident women know this. Examine a failure and look for the weak points in your plan or in your execution – rebuild it to be stronger and enjoy a giggle about it along the way. Your failures don’t define you, but the way in which you handle them, can. Mistakes that are too catastrophic to recover from are few and far between. Have a plan B in place and counter a failure with a power move. You can’t say you’ve been there and done that if you haven’t had to deal with a few sticky situations, it comes with the territory if you want to be successful. 

Challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

—J. A. Shedd

Your comfort zone is a safe space to retreat to. You can refuel, re-strategise, and reload yourself in your comfort zone but your life’s purpose is not to stay there. Nervous speaker? Join a few networking groups to get your name out there and to overcome that social anxiety. Worried that standing out could make you a victim of tall poppy syndrome? Steal the stage and strut it anyway. Make your power moves outside of your comfort calculated moves with a goal. The successes you’ll enjoy (along with the failures) will give you wisdom, grace, expertise, and confidence.

About Harriette Hale

Entrepreneur, musician and business consultant, Harriette Hale graduated from City University and The Guildhall School of Music. The serial entrepreneur runs The North London Music Academy, The Chocolate Box Music Agency, Academy Mews Dance Studios and Industry Inspired Artists, a growing empire which combines the worlds of music, artistry and education. She also offers coaching to creative entrepreneurs at Connect with 
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