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Advancing my career: How to continue advancing despite a downturn


With an economic downturn, many people are asking: how can I continue advancing my career. We outline the strategies.

With these tough times, the global economy is in a downward spiral. The unemployment rate is increasing at a high rate as companies are downsizing and asking very little of their employees. The COVID-19 pandemic is inevitably a significant threat globally. It has dealt a big blow to the economic, academic, social, and other aspects of life. What can you do to secure your future and advance your career despite all these global threats?

In career advancement, one’s career moves in an upward progression. It can refer to when one moves from one occupation to another or from an entry level job position to the management level. Studies have shown that workers are likely to perform best with the possibility of advancement.

How can I keep advancing my career?

If you want to make positive career moves, you should follow these steps to invest in yourself, hone your skills, and define your goals.

Advance your education

Regardless of your level of education, choosing to advance your knowledge can greatly impact your career. Whether you want to finish your degree or take individual career courses, Learning Cloud is a convenient way to do so.

Research shows that 57% of total wages3 go to college graduates and not non-graduates. Therefore, whether you love them or not, certifications remain one of the best ways to show your knowledge in specific fields. Going back to school will show your employers some of your best qualities that make you the ideal choice for advancement.

Investing in your abilities

If you invest your time in developing qualities that your management values, you will smoothly advance in your career. If you want to build your portfolio, improve on the features that will make you easy to work with, trustworthy and reliable. Some of these soft skills include critical thinking, communication, problem-solving skills, writing, and many more.

You don’t have to attend university to learn these crucial skills. You can do so from the comfort of your desk. Observe and learn how your bosses and colleagues handle conflicts, success, and prioritize organization tasks. Real-life situations are relevant to learning essential qualities.

Develop your leadership skills

Most organizations, if not all, will consider someone who has leadership qualities for advancement. This consideration is because the more one moves up the ladder in a company, the more people and work you will likely oversee. Therefore, if you want to set yourself up for more advanced leadership positions, you should embrace and sharpen more leadership skills.

For people with work experience, you can acquire these skills by studying a degree in leadership. It will provide you with deep insights into how your industry works. Besides, volunteering in spearheading group activities is also a great strategy to hone your leadership skills.

Build a network

Staying connected with others in your industry opens up yourself to many opportunities that, in turn, increases your chances of advancing your career. Having other open-minded people in your network circle allows you to stay on top of trending issues and even introduce potential employers.

Bottom line

The question of ‘advancing my career’ despite a global threat of downturn requires hours of hard work and time. By using these effective tips, you will find yourself moving forward in your career. The virtual platform is instrumental in averting the global threat of COVID-19 on career advancement. Just ensure that you invest in yourself by gaining new knowledge, skills, and impressive qualities.

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