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Co-working offices are the future: Here’s how to do it right


There has never been a time in which we’ve seen so many people becoming self-employed and starting their own businesses. The technological age that we live in has opened up a new world of opportunities for people to be able to go it alone, all from behind their own laptops.

This has in turn opened up an entirely new business sector — the co-working office. A concept that allows freelancers and small start ups to be able to work together in a space that encourages productivity and ideas generation.

With this business sector booming it’s no wonder so many people want to take advantage of the growing demand for co-working spaces and create something in their own area. So here is our list of top 5 tips if you’re seriously considering creating your own co-working office..

Location is key

Any owner of a co-working space will tell you that location is one of the most important factors for anyone looking for a shared office. So bear this in mind whilst you’re looking for a space. Distance to train and bus stations need to be taken into consideration. The space needs to be in a safe area, that is easy to find and is well connected and convenient.


Now that you’ve found you’re building, you need to now look into all the communication needs that your co-workers will have. You will need to invest in super speedy internet connection and will need to create an individual phone line for each desk, as with any normal office.

With over 88% of freelancers using smart phones these days you’re going to need to ensure you have a good cell phone reception and a proper wireless connectivity. Look into the strength of the site you’re considering and if it’s low then look at investing in some commercial signal boosters by Wilson Pro to boost and amplify the buildings wireless reception.

Look at your local community

Starting a coworking space is less about a building and more about a community. So the best place you can start is by looking into your local community. Check that there is a demand for a co-working office in your area, and look at the type of businesses typical to your area.

Then start a group on Facebook or Meetup and organise meetups where you can invite local freelancers to come and check out your space, network and get to know other business owners in the area. This should peak interest in renting spaces and begin organically growing a community around your co-working space.

Think like a designer

Dark, drab furniture and harsh lighting is just not acceptable in the world of co-working offices. With so much competition, first impressions are everything. So without spending a small fortune think of light, neutral colours, soft lighting, plants and anything else that you can use to create a relaxing, welcoming and stylish space.

Community culture

Once you have your co-working space up and running and your co-workers are filling up your desks now is the time to focus on building a strong community culture. Without being too invasive (people are there to work after all), try and find ways that can bring your co-working together. Activities like beer and pizza nights, idea generation breakfasts or a good old hipster ping pong table can all do wonders for engaging your co-workers and bringing them together to feel connected, supported and stimulated.

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