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Create a lasting impression with the first contact


Making a lasting impression in business is the underlying foundation of all good marketing and advertising campaigns. When a lasting impression is made with a customer they are more likely to continue providing your business with their custom, which ultimately means more money and a steady cash flow coming your way.

And you can create a lasting impression even from your first contact with a customer. Whether this be a physical meeting between you and them or a marketing tool that you employ, you should seek to make sure that that first point of contact is one that is remembered for a long time to come. If it is in fact a face-to-face confrontation then it is pivotal that you seek to portray both your and your business’s personality as best you can. An example of this is how an undertaker business would go about greeting any potential customers for the first time: they would act in a sorrowful, undemanding and altogether low-key way in order to show sympathy to the customer and show them just how professional they are, and a lasting impression of professionalism is never a bad thing as it inspires continued confidence in your work. Other ways to make a lasting impression within the first five minutes of physical contact include: asking the customer questions and showing an interest in the stories they tell, telling your own stories and, most importantly, showing that you remember their name and their details.

But creating a lasting impression isn’t only achieved through a handshake and a smile; as previously mentioned it can be achieved through marketing tools. One of these tools could be the ways in which you correspond with customers for the first time; you could use any number of ways to do so, including: sending out flyers, handing out business cards or sending letters. When it comes to the latter: what is just as important as the letter is the envelope that holds it. The envelope is the first point of contact as it is the first thing that a customer sees, which is why you should choose one that induces a lasting impression: a coloured envelope, perhaps? In doing so you are initiating the correspondence between your business and the customer in an impressionable way; and in business correspondence, marketing in a impressionable way is key.

And there are ways to create a lasting impression through your marketing campaigns even when you are marketing on a shoestring budget. One way is to make use of the online resources that are always readily at your disposal. In this day and age, the digital age, a business’s website is paramount to its success as it is more than likely going to act as the first point of contact between them and the customer; it is because of this reason that you should create a website for your business that provides your customer with everything that they need. And an important aspect when it comes to a business’s website, that is sometimes forgotten, is the fact that the website needs to be up and active at at all times. If a customer seeks to access your website, only to find that it is not responding, then you are potentially going to lose their custom. To deal with this you should seek the services of an online resource, such as UptimeRobot, that will contact you if ever your website is down, which will mean you will have the chance to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Creating a lasting impression in your first point of contact with a customer is key — remember that the next time any potential customers walk through your business’s doors!

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