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How to create your own business with your nursing degree


You worked hard, earned your registered nursing degree, and spent years on the floor doing 12 hour shifts; now you feel like you can use a career change. Here are some things you can do with your nursing degree (without hanging up your favorite Grey’s Anatomy scrubs!) to shift your line of work and make a new and fresh career for yourself.

A nurse entrepreneur is a nurse who uses their nursing education and experience to create their own business. Many nurses often feel like they are at the bottom of the ladder while working in a hospital or healthcare facility. They are always being told what to do by their superiors and don’t have the liberty of enjoying their own independence.  By becoming a nurse entrepreneur you are self-employed, meaning you are you own boss! You can follow your passion and do what you truly love.

For example, you can establish and build a new assisted living for a loved one who needs professional care and medical attention. With this, your passion for helping others, especially seniors, is the best way to achieve what you love and want.

What can you do as a nurse entrepreneur?

Nursing coach

Nursing Coaches provide guidance and direction to private clients who are looking to adopt healthy lifestyles. They focus primary on wellness and often help those suffering from chronic diseases cope and live life to the fullest with their condition.

Nursing consultant

A nurse consultant works for healthcare facilities to help resolve problems and ensure that the care provided is of the highest quality and most effective for the patients. Many times RN consultants are hired by medical facilities prior to an inspection to identify any potential issues and provide remedies to ensure that they will successfully pass the inspection.

Legal nurse consultant

Did you always have that fighting streak in you, but had a passion for nursing? Now you can be an RN and work on the legal field as well! A legal nurse will be needed for medical-legal cases, such as medical malpractice, personal injury and will be actively involved in the case. They will need to analyze, strategize and at times research and educate those on the legal team.

Nurse writer

If you are a skilled writer and enjoy putting pen to paper, becoming a nurse writer may be your calling. Healthcare companies, as well as private individuals are always on the lookout for talented nurse writers to create articles for them. The pay can be quite good as well; some publications will pay as much as $1,000 for an article.

So, if you feel stifled at your current job as a nurse at a healthcare facility, there’s hope for a beautiful and fulfilling future for you to create your own business and become a nurse entrepreneur!

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