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How to create a website for a restaurant


In the 21st century, having a beautiful restaurant with delicious cuisine and luxurious interior is not enough to become a leader on the market. Today, having a unique, original idea is not enough. No matter what you do, it will be never enough if you don’t keep up with the times.

In the era of mobile devices and smart technologies, having a website is the least you can do to make your business grow, especially if you’re in public catering. The competition is pretty tough. The great news is that creating a website in 2018 is something anyone can do. It doesn’t require tremendous expenses or high-end technologies. All you need is a couple of hours and a desire to learn. A great website doesn’t mean an expensive website. If you have quite a small budget, you can start with a free platform which is definitely not worse than those extremely expensive ones. It may have less amount of features, but the quality is at the same level. If you’re interested in the platforms for your restaurant website, just try which is a great website builder for all kinds of food services – pubs, coffee houses, fast food restaurants, and much more.

So, what should you start with when creating a website for your restaurant?

A basic restaurant website

There are some certain rules you have to follow when creating a website for your place. As you can’t just choose any platform you like, filling it with some random information about your business.

  • Choose a template which corresponds to your place. If it is a pub, you can’t choose a template which is created for a Mexican food restaurant. The same way is with fast food, coffee houses, bakeries, cafeterias, etc.
  • Photographs are obligatory if you’re serious about what you’re doing. But make sure that every piece of photo- or video content you place on the website is of a high quality only.
  • Integrate it with social media. Connect your page to the official social media accounts of your restaurant on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

You don’t need to be a professional developer to create a qualitative website by yourself. Just make sure to follow all of these three basic steps towards your desired restaurant platform: choose a template, insert relevant content, and make sure you provide your customers with the information that can help them contact you as soon as possible.

One more significant step which you can’t miss in 2018 is providing your customers with a good mobile experience while entering the website. A mobile-ready website is what required by 70% of searches which are made on mobile devices only. A poorly designed mobile site is a small detail which can ruin the impression of your place. Don’t make your customers go to competitors because of that. Create your website, mobilize it, and get your customers come back to make an order every time they want to eat outside.

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