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The critical aspects of a floristry business


If you have desires of one day opening up your very own floristry business, then it is important to remember that there is a lot more to it than simply selling flowers. Florists have the potential to become very successful assuming that things are done right, and we have seen many examples of successful florists who have gone on to grow in size and scale, opening up franchises all over the country. There are some critical aspects of this type of business which we are going to look into today, get these right and you may very well just make a success out of that business of yours.

Experience and qualifications

Being a florist is a skill, a vocation which must be worked on for many years in order to truly understand more about the natural world. At the very least someone who goes into this business should have experience within the industry and the best case scenario is gaining a Certificate 3 Floristry with Pearsons School or an educational facility with similar gravitas.


The reason why experience and knowledge is so crucial is that the selection of the product is absolutely critical in running a florists. Florists, regardless of any gift add-ons which they sell, will be known for one thing and one thing only, their flowers. Most important amongst this is the quality of the flower, even the range isn’t as important. A single florist could, if they so wished, sell nothing more than roses and lilies, no you may think that they would have a poor reputation owing to limited choice, but if they are the finest roses and lilies you have ever laid eyes upon, nobody will care. The key is the quality and the freshness of the product, everything else is significantly less important.


Florists aren’t hard to come by and with the emergence of online ordering from the mega florists which operate globally, it is essential that independent florists do something to stand out. This is why marketing is so essential and from the word go a florist should be looking at ways in which they can keep customers and find new customers through the use of a smart marketing campaign. Part of this should include marketing online flower delivery such as is offered by


One of the hardest things for a florist to do is ensure that they have the right amount of flowers in stock. Given that flowers are perishable and that people want to buy them as fresh as possible, florists have to walk a thin line between having flowers in stock today, and ensuring that there is as little waste as possible. After a couple of months a florist will have gained a strong understanding of their market, enough to minimize wastage, but those initial months will be tough and could prove costly. This is why selecting popular flowers is always going to make the most sense, and understanding the market and customer trends will be essential.

These are the four cornerstones of running a successful floristry business that you should always bear in mind.

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