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Success is a wonderful thing although not many will share with you the ‘dark side’ of success and how to cope with it. Our CEO Amanda Rose will share with you the dark side of success and how to handle it.

1. Polarized

People will either love your or hate you for what you do. This is ok if you stand for what you believe and do NOT change your mind.

2. Losing friends

You will lose friends when you start to succeed. This is reality. Don’t take it personally. It is ok for others to lose interest in who you are and what you do and for you to find new friends.

The higher you climb the lonelier it gets.

3. Wolf in sheep’s clothing

A very DARK side is to be aware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Once you start making money or build a profile. You will find people all of a sudden wanting to work with you, partner with you. This is very dangerous.

They want to leverage off your brand. The brand you have worked so hard to build based on your values, purpose and passion.

Ask lots of questions. Do your research and never rush into anything.

4. Yourself

Lastly, don’t let yourself destroy yourself. Don’t get too proud. Don’t start doubting yourself either.

Surround yourself with positive people at all times. Also make sure you are aligning yourself with those who will keep you focused and grounded.


About Amanda Rose

Founder of The Business Woman Media. Amanda Rose is also the only 'strategic connector', a brand strategist, keynote speaker and host of Amanda Rose TV. Connect with Amanda Rose on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or visit

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